Get Bright!

2020 is coming. It’s almost here.

I really feel like this is the year. It’s the year to get bright. It’s the year for all of humanity to jump up our collective consciousness a notch and move into a new, more awakened awareness.

I choose this light. I choose it for myself first. I choose to get bright.

I am looking back on this year with awe. There were some really big things that happened and big successes that I would have otherwise overlooked had I not decided to take time to really reflect.

Without that reflection I feel it was just a year of inner conflict, hard decision-making, and a drop of avoidism. Yet, if I see without emotional eyes, there were so many things achieved. Amazingly, there were dreams that I had been dreaming for the last 5 years that were actualized in 2019. And I almost missed the chance to realize it! That’s why honest, non-judgmental reflection is so important.

Heaven is always helping us. I’m not talking about a religious Heaven. I’m talking about the invisible, spiritual world that is moving in accordance with our deepest wishes and intentions. It’s watching and listening and if we continue on with sincerity in our little lives here on Earth, then at some moment it brings to us what we have truly wanted. I have experienced this so many times.

At the same time, we have many “unconscious wishes” that we are putting out into the universe as well. Our emotional reactions and bad habits are also bringing equivalent energy and experiences back to us like a boomerang. An oriental medicine doctor once said to me “It keeps going around and around like this until we return to zero.” I guess this is what can be called ‘karma.’

That’s why I feel it’s so critical for me to really get conscious about this process. That is the only way to get back to 0. To become ever more conscious and intentional in my life. Then, I can truly get bright. I think it’s urgent for all of us who have some awareness and awakeness in this world right now, as we stare into the eyes of 2020, to become conscious about what we are putting out there. Let’s dream the same beautiful dream for our earth and the future of our humanity together, and then miracles will truly be possible. I believe this. Do you?

I am thinking of all of you and feeling you in my heart at this important time. Let’s bring our minds and our spirits together. Let’s get strong, get hopeful, get creative, get honest, get alive, get free, get powerful…..Get Bright!

6 Thoughts.

  1. You are a bright light, Danielle! Your thoughts reminded of a poem by Dylan Thomas:

    Light breaks where no sun shines;
    Where no sea runs, the waters of the heart
    Push in their tides;
    And, broken ghosts with glow-worms in their heads,
    The things of light
    File through the flesh where no flesh decks the bones.

    I feel a sense of urgency with 2020 approaching for our planet, humankind, and all living things. At the same time, I feel hopeful and believe this will be a pivotal year in many ways. Awakening and awareness will lead us in the right direction.

    Happy Holidays!!

  2. Happy New Year, Master Danielle!
    The great Andrew Carnegie emphasized thinking about what you want, and believing it, IS WHAT MAKES IT BECOME REALITY He also described how the actions that bring about success CAN’T BE SOLELY SELF CENTERED. I love that paradoxical twist, which to me, reaffirms the truth of it. The paradox represents world-mindedness, which has reached it’s finite point. This truth of success lies in the infinite, the spiritual, the Divine. It is real, yet it TRANSCENDS. It must be this reality you have found. When you experience positive results as you describe. I use all your videos and ideas. I can’t bring my legs over my head in one of the yoga videos, but I still go as far as I can!!!!! Thanks Vinson S.

  3. I apologize I did not realize how far behind I was in your blog! So here I am back at sea and settling in, per usual!

    I love this post. I struggled with choosing a theme word for 2020 it was between Connect and Light. I ultimately ended up choosing Connect in aligning with became more aware and  whole. However, my other word was Light,  not seeing your post and having no idea that the Brain Education Festival theme was going to be Great Bright as well. I feel as though I have been blessed to know a few select individuals in life who radiate a true pure bright light. Even though I selected the word Connect for 2020 i choose to be that light too. 

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