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I feel like we all need some good news these days. The bad news that is circulating throughout the world right now is toxic for us.

It’s like food. If you feed your body junk food long enough, it will get sick. Your body needs vitamins and nutrition to be healthy and strong. “Bad news,” or negative information, is like junk food for our spirit. At first we might want to munch on it for a bit. It might be kind of delicious in its own way. The drama of it all might entertain and excite us. However, if we listen to it long enough, our spirit becomes darkened and weak. We lose our inner strength, our inner center, and when that happens it’s easy to be consumed with fear, anxiety, worry… frustration, sadness and despair. In that condition, even maintaining one’s physical health becomes endangered.

We could even say that “good news,” or positive, hopeful information, is the spiritual vitamin that we need right now. It’s not even an understatement to say that this is a very important vitamin to maintain not only our emotional well-being, but our physical immunity too. It may feel really hard to do when we are bombarded by negativity from all angles. However, it’s up to each and every one of us to protect our own brain and make sure that we continue to polish the brightness of our spirit, despite the external circumstance. We all have the power to do this. Nobody can turn on your inner light for you, but it is truly hopeful and empowering that we are the ones who can do it for ourselves. It’s in our hands. It’s all about the perspective, the lens, we choose to see through.

So, let’s ask our brains. “My dear brain, please show me the positive side of things. Please give me hope. Please help me to find good news.” Your brain will definitely respond to you when you keep at it. Don’t let your brain become a slave to the news around you! YOU become the CREATOR of the news that you need to hear – the information that will make your brain work well. Information that will turn on the light inside and bring joy to your heart.

If it’s hard to find it, then place your hands on your chest and breathe. Feel the warmth inside, your heart beat, and keep communicating with yourself sincerely. If it’s still difficult, then go for a walk in nature and look up at the vast expanse of sky. Or, take a hot bath! Enjoy a talk with a friend! Sip on a cup of sweet tea! Exercise is always useful to shift your perspective, as well. After activating your muscles and raising your body temperature, your eyes will see things in a new way. The point is: Just keep trying something! At some moment, you will discover that brighter thoughts are naturally bubbling up to your mind. The condition of your brain has changed!

I want to ask for all of us to become Good News Creators at this time. The world needs us to do that now more than ever. We can continue to nervously nibble on the toxic information out there, or we can contribute to the much needed healing of the collective consciousness. We can build a bright, strong, healthy information field as we focus together. Each moment is critical. Let’s begin today!

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  1. Thanks so much for your positive thoughts, Danielle. I just reminded myself to set aside some time to practice conscious breathing. NY is basically on lockdown so I’ve been working on my blog posts for Psychology Today. Sometimes is easier to give advice than to heed it for ourselves!

    Have a peaceful day–

  2. The upside of all the bad news, especially a out the Corona virus, is that we have the opportunity, the chance to be of importance to others. Help, talk, listen or just be there for someone else. Try it and you might discover that you will feel better yourself. Because it feels good to be of importance to each other. So be there for someone and let others be there for you. #sharethelove

  3. Definitely words we need to hear. My family has suffered great loss this winter and now this virus impact! So draining! Iā€™ll be sure to share your good words, thank you!

    • Oh, I’m sorry to hear that Rhonda! I’m sending TONS of Life Particles full of light & love to you and your family~~!!!

  4. Thanks Danielle for such an important message. This experience is reminding me that fear is as contagious and powerful as the virus. The hoarding and other negative behaviors are fear based and come from feeling out of control. I am trying to counter these movements in myself and others with compassion, courage, generosity , and kindness. It does call for vigilance and self awareness on our part. I can easily slip and need to stay awake!

  5. Thank you so much for this Post. We need this so much right now! Just readingĀ  this brings a smile to my face. Anything that we can do to see good news and be the creator of good news is needed in this world more than ever right now. There is no act to smallĀ and most times it is the smallest things that occur during my day that are the best reminders of gratitude and joy- catching a glimpseĀ of a beautiful moment in nature during my busy day or having moments where I get to really connect with someone over a cup of coffee in conversation. Thank you for putting out this piece of good news! I hope you are managing to healthy and well during this time. Sending life particles to you!Ā 

    • I wish the same for you and I’m sending those life particles right back your way!! Wherever you may be on this planet – be safe, be healthy, be bright.

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