Unconditional Love

Back in December, I chose my 2020 theme word. It was “Unconditional Love.”

We never know how the universe will twist and turn itself in order to help us achieve our goals, right?

Standing here at this moment, looking at the world, quarantined in my house, limited in the work I can do, feeling the collective suffering, I keep asking myself, “What should I do? What should I do in this moment for the dream that I live for? What should I do for creating a brighter earth and a peaceful humanity?”

I get the same answer every time I ask. Each time it gets louder and clearer: Love.

Love and love and keep loving. Love the people your heart was closed to, the people that you felt hurt you, the people far away from you and the people near you. Just love endlessly and infinitely and let that love ripple out and bring your dream back to you. Love big and wide without expectation of return. Love with your purity, your sincerity, your authenticity, your truth. Love without conditions.

Even as I share this message with you here, I can feel the possibility of how different my life will be if only I can achieve this great love. And I feel that NOW IS THE TIME to make it happen. If not now, when?

I am reminded of one of Ilchi Lee’s messages from his “Calligraphic Meditation” book. I have dug it out so that I can add it to this post, in hopes that this time can be a meditation on Love for all of us. If that meditation is deep and real, then maybe – just maybe – when we emerge from our houses once more, the world will be a brighter, more peaceful, more loving place than the one we remembered.

The Law of Love

The human soul grows through love. It’s important to realize that you can create love infinitely instead of wandering in search of someone to love you.

Love grows more greatly when you give it than when you receive it. This amazing fact is the Law of Love.

If you want to live a life full of love, first give it without striving to receive it. If you keep trying to get love, your love will constantly grow smaller.

Because you’re trying to receive love, you will constantly feel sad and inadequate when the love you want doesn’t come. You will become endlessly sadder and lonelier. And you will come to mistakenly believe that you don’t have love yourself.

If you think about it quietly, you’ll realize that you’re happier when you give love than when you receive it. To use a knife as a metaphor, the one trying to get love holds a knife by the blade, while the one trying to give love holds the knife by its handle.

Those who keep trying to get love are anxious and worried. “What is my love leaves me?” they ask. “What if love never finds me?” On the other hand, people who give love to those around them have confidence.

Every one has the power of love. If you want love, you must use love. If there is no one close you can give love to, then love yourself first. Once that love fills you, then all you have to do is give it to others. That’s how you begin.

There is love inside us. However, we can’t experience the love unless we use it. We can’t trust it unless we experience it.

Love is like a spring that never runs dry . The more we use it, the more new love arises. – Ilchi Lee


10 Thoughts.

  1. Danielle, Thank you for this very Inspiring Post. Be Well my Dear Friend! Iโ€™ll be following you Healing Tree! โค๏ธ

    • It’s great to hear from you Patti!!! Please take care of yourself well and I look forward to see you more at Healing Tree ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is so beautifully written. And that knife metaphor – simply wow! Changes your perspective completely.

    Pure Love is unconditional by nature. It is the essence of who we are. In its purest form, with no strings attached, it gives you the confidence to love anyone you want, any time you want. Your love. Your choice. You are in complete control because it flows from you.

    Love + Freewill = Contentment

    Trouble only begins when you give that power to others by expecting someone to love you back with the same intensity and purity as you. Thats not an act of love, but an act of seeking validation of your love for them.

    Love is a precious emotion; not a trade!

    Love yourself irrespective of who does and who doesnโ€™t. Nourish your soul with self-love, and if others reciprocate your love, well and good. If not, you keep on loving, you keep on living life to the fullest.

  3. My word for 2020 is “trust”. But I find it must be preceded by acceptance. An ongoing challenge.
    The world right now is so filled with fear and anxiety. I believe the only thing more powerful than these disabling emotions is Love. Last night I couldn’t sleep after watching news about health care professionals not having enough PPE’s. With my breathing I sent loving kindness out to them. It calmed me and I felt less helpless afterwards and was able to sleep. Your blog was perfectly timely.

  4. Thank you, Danielle, for your kind and loving words. Unconditional love for myself first is the key for a better life and to spread that same love with my friends, families and anyone with whom I come in contact. I can even smile unconditional love with my eyes when I wear a protective face mask. The world needs us not to be afraid but to have confidence in sharing our unconditional love, our brightness. When I get through this phase I hope to courageously continue sharing my individual and my world-wide unconditional love. Love you!

  5. My dear Danielle, it was with you in relationship that I felt love for myself begin to expand . Really feeling this in my bones through first forgiveness opened channels that created a flow , at first a creek and then a river . The more we were in communion the greater the flow. Yes, you taught me awareness, acceptance , choice , action. The choice is to simply love . I am grateful. Love ๐Ÿ’•

    • I’m so happy to hear that Leslie ๐Ÿ™‚ I am proud of you and your healing journey! Keep going! I love you so much ~

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