Happy Earth Day!

Every time I recite the Earth Citizen Declaration, I see people from all over the world reciting it together. So, I gathered some friends and decided to put my joyful & touching vision into creation. I hope that it makes your heart smile as well!

Here is my Earth Day 2020 gift, to all of my fellow Earth Citizens!

Made with love ~~~~~

I am an Earth Citizen!

Every morning after I do my Bowing Meditation, I sit down and read Ilchi Lee’s, “Earth Citizen Declaration.”

Each time I read it I find that I love every single word of it more and more. So much so, that I decided to inscribe it into my memory.

As I close my eyes and recite it to myself, I find myself imagining all of my fellow Earth Citizens around the globe declaring together in agreement, “Yes! I too am an Earth Citizen!”

I long to see the day when 100 million Earth Citizens band together like a golden web across this planet.

For April 2020, Body & Brain is going to honor our Mother Earth by hosting a Global Earth Day Meditation on 4/22 @ 10am PST/ 1pm EST. I hope that ALL of you will tune in to Body and Brain TV for the Youtube Live event! Let’s unite in our spirit of Earth Citizenship. Let’s begin to weave this web.

If you read the following declaration and it resonates with your heart, then feel free to declare in the comments: I am an Earth Citizen!

If you feel even more inspired, please join me on social media to share #iamanearthcitizen #getbright. The Get Bright movement is about people gathering their minds and hearts together in light, love & hope. It’s about increasing our collective care, connection & consciousness. It’s about letting our true human nature shine.

But, it’s not about me trying to convince you. The light only grows when we do it sincerely from our hearts. So, I share this declaration with you from my heart. And if you feel it in yours, you can share it too ~ 🙂


I declare that I am an Earth Citizen who loves and cherishes all humans and all life, as someone who has found my value and recovered my character.

I declare that I am an Earth Citizen who contributes to making a happy, healthy family and peaceful community.

I declare that I am an Earth Citizen who lives for an Earth Village where all humanity lives as one family beyond nationality, race and religion.

I declare that I am an Earth Citizen who acts to protect and restore the global ecosystem so that the earth may recover its original beauty and vitality.

I declare that I am an Earth Citizen who takes part in the work of developing 100 million Earth Citizens for the evolution of human consciousness and the advent of a new era of civilization on earth.