The Alchemy of Gratitude

This year, my theme for the year is TRUST. I am practicing to trust myself more deeply, as well as to trust the universe itself. Life is continuously giving me opportunities 🙂

In my quest for self-trust, I have discovered the importance of self-love. Trusting myself is loving myself. Furthermore, it is very hard to climb out of the dark hole of self-doubt if I do not love myself enough to have the power to say, “Enough with this!”

It’s a choice. I can choose to love myself, I can choose to trust myself, and I can choose to be grateful for all of it. The choice is always there waiting for me, but if I don’t have enough of a sense of self-trust, self-love or gratitude, if I don’t have a feeling for what it means to do that, then it is hard to choose it.

It’s my job to cultivate those feelings. I have to find them within me and wake them up and nurture them so that they grow. These days, I am carefully grooming the garden of self-trust, self-love & gratitude in my heart.

Today I remembered Ilchi Lee’s message from the Calligraphic Meditation book. “The Alchemy of Gratitude.” It in, he is speaking of exactly this – the cultivation of gratitude.

After reading it, I felt that I couldn’t have said it better than him, so I have decided to share it here today.

When you read it, I encourage you to not only consider the alchemy of gratitude, but to consider the alchemy of self-trust and self-love as well. The seeds of all of these lie within our souls. We can awaken them anytime, when choose to be diligent in our efforts. I hope that this message will touch your heart and open your mind to infinite possibilities.

The Alchemy of Gratitude

Gratitude is a technique of the mind that anyone can learn and develop. When your experience and understanding of gratitude deepen, you’ll know that it simply means being grateful for everything, in any circumstance whatsoever. Every moment of life will be filled with gratitude, and you needn’t try hard to find it.

At first, gratitude must be looked at to be seen, must be sought to be found. Find something to be thankful for, even though you feel it’s insignificant. We all have something to be thankful for.

If you really think you have nothing to be grateful for, then be thankful you were born a human being. Be grateful that you are still breathing and that your heart still beats. And be thankful that the sun rose today, that a new season has come, and the trees are green again.

If you have true gratitude for even one thing, at some moment thankfulness will rush over you like a wave.

When thankfulness matures, then appreciation – temporary, conditional, and calculating – gives way to unconditional, sustained gratitude.

Such gratitude takes away from our lives’ complaints and dissatisfaction, anxieties and worries, and brings in their place infinite positivity and peace.

Train yourself to be thankful, whatever your circumstances. Let gratitude fill your whole mind so that thankfulness overflows into your whole life.

If your heart is filled with gratitude, you can’t live halfheartedly. You can’t use tricks or do cowardly things for your benefit alone.

When you are grateful, you show full devotion in whatever you do and do your best no matter whom you meet.

A holy mind comes out of a grateful heart. Gratitude is an alchemy of the soul everyone should practice.

~ Ilchi Lee~

8 Thoughts.

  1. This is amazing! I’m going to read the Alchemy of Gratitude every day for at least 21 days! Thank you Master Danielle! I love you! ❣️

  2. Gratitude. That’s right. On every level, gratitude is truthful and healing.
    Master Danielle, your website helps me. Thanks and keep going!

    I also revisit your videos on the exercises when I need to add things to my daily exercise. So, it’s a total health website. I had an idea that don jon tapping can burn calories and increase the blood flow and metabolism of stubborn abdominal areas. Just out of the blue. Don jon tapping for a few minutes is no problem! I wouldn’t even know Don jon tapping if not for healing tree. Thanks!

    • That’s wonderful Vinson! Yes, Dahn Jon tapping is good for many things: bringing your energy into balance, as well as activating the blood circulation in your intestines and increasing the fire of your lower abdomen which helps to also balance and burn all things gut-related!

  3. We need a note from you on progress on your projects. your book, your plans, etc.
    Please? Master Danielle, your thoughrs and sentiments are wonderful, and we all greatly value them!!!

    • Hello Vinson! I’m sorry I’m just seeing this comment now!! I’m happy to let you know that I finished the writing of my manuscript!! I am working on getting all approvals needed for the book and then will be moving onto the next stage of editing. I was hoping to publish by the end of the year but it may have gotten bumped out by a couple of months. In the meantime, I will try to get back onto some regular blogging and get connected to my online community again!! I so appreciate your thoughts, interests, concerns and any prayers! Thank you Vinson!!

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