Turning on the light

In college, I was very sensitive. I intuitively felt that there was something terribly out of balance and, dare I say, corrupt with the systems of the world, and it nearly drove me to madness.

Fast-forward almost 25 years and it appears that all the things I agonized about are being exposed more and more every day, like the pockets of the systems have been turned out, only to reveal the gross, sticky dirt at the bottom…or like the pus of a zit that finally made it to a head and is now erupting.

Sorry to be so graphic, and kind of dark about it.  I do have my moon in Scorpio so it’s not completely out of character 🙂 However, because it became dark inside of my brain way back then, I sought for a solution with desperation at that time.  After an extensive search through my psyche, I felt the only solution would be to find the light.

Now again, here in 2021, I look around and continue to wonder what the solution is to all of the craziness that I hear from social media and from the world around me.  Still, the only solution I can see is to create light.  It seems like common sense, right?  When all is dark, turn on the light.  When there is enough light, humanity will see clearly.

The light lives within the hearts of people.  That’s why, even though it is people who cause so many problems, people remain as my hope.  The light of consciousness that is within human beings is my hope.

So, in this crazy & chaotic world, how can we turn on the light?

We can start by loving ourselves first.

We can be brave enough to face our own hardship and pain with love, patience and forgiveness.  We can be brave enough to feel.

As we feel ourselves, we find our love, we find our light.  We find our truth.  We find our choices.

We can choose to do and say things that contribute to the light (while continuing to forgive ourselves for all the moments that we fall into our own darkness again, of course.)

We can choose to change our unhealthy habits that divide us and cause our love to shrink, habits such as blame and anger and victimization, excessive worry, following fear….these are habits that take a long time to change, but we can choose to commit to the process.

We can choose to be open-minded and understanding, considering that all people have all kinds of perspectives for all kinds of reasons.  We can choose to try to see from their eyes. We can choose understanding.

We can trust ourselves.  We can find our truth and find positive, harmonious ways to stand up for our own truths.  When we search hard enough and deep enough, we can always find the win-win.

We can feel gratitude for the little things, big things and everything in between.  We can express our gratitude openly and honestly.

We can share our love with those around us in any way we see fit – a smile, a listening ear, a hug, a compliment, an understanding nod, a friendly note, a deep conversation, an offering of appreciation.

We can keep letting go of our hurts of the past that cause us to create more hurt for ourselves, and others, in the present.  As we let go in trust of the cosmic plan, we can reconnect to our own sense of worthiness again, our own heart of love.  We can be free. And in that freedom we can feel the vast expansiveness of the light that lives and breathes at our essence, always.

These are some of my ideas of how we can keep collectively creating light for our world.  What are your ideas?  Please feel free to share them with me.

Thank you for your being beautiful lights on the planet with me in this time of great possibility.


5 Thoughts.

  1. Danielle, you are indeed a beacon of light. Everything you said rings true, particularly in these troubled times. There is a need for connectedness more than ever. I would add that sharing beauty in nature and art is extremely healing. I went to the ballet for the first time this week after more than 18 months of darkness. The shared experience with the audience was palpably exciting and electric! We were all starved for this type of unique beauty as much as the dancers needed this form of expression. I’m grateful that I’m able to embrace this art form in my life–it’s other worldly in countless ways.

    • That’s beautiful, Alice! And I couldn’t agree more – human beings need connection. It’s a wonderful thing the way art moves our hearts and connects us to each other! Thank you for your hopeful sharing 🙂

  2. Dearest Danielle, thank you for this message and your light and love. Recently I have been drawn to the call to be the difference I want to see, to be the light. It echoes your post and resonates within. We choose to commit to the process and we choose understanding! Top of mind for me is this prayer; grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the person I can and the wisdom to know it’s me! Thank you for touching me this evening with your love and light and igniting the light in me!

    • Aw ~ it’s great to hear from you Leslie! I’m happy if I could help you to ignite that big, bright light of yours that I know so well 🙂 Thank you for your light, always. Thank you for committing to being the difference you want to see. Each person’s choice is so important. I love you!

  3. Master Danielle, It’s easy when initiating any act of charity, kindness, or thoughtfullness to first consider; who cares, who knows, who sees. The person does, who we help. No matter what, the Almighty always does see. Our riches are not in this world. However, we still find increased joy. It is always there, like it belongs. If we keep turning on our light, it will never be totally dark. There will still be hope then. Looking forward to your book. God’s speed…. Engage!

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