The Alchemy of Gratitude

This year, my theme for the year is TRUST. I am practicing to trust myself more deeply, as well as to trust the universe itself. Life is continuously giving me opportunities 🙂

In my quest for self-trust, I have discovered the importance of self-love. Trusting myself is loving myself. Furthermore, it is very hard to climb out of the dark hole of self-doubt if I do not love myself enough to have the power to say, “Enough with this!”

It’s a choice. I can choose to love myself, I can choose to trust myself, and I can choose to be grateful for all of it. The choice is always there waiting for me, but if I don’t have enough of a sense of self-trust, self-love or gratitude, if I don’t have a feeling for what it means to do that, then it is hard to choose it.

It’s my job to cultivate those feelings. I have to find them within me and wake them up and nurture them so that they grow. These days, I am carefully grooming the garden of self-trust, self-love & gratitude in my heart.

Today I remembered Ilchi Lee’s message from the Calligraphic Meditation book. “The Alchemy of Gratitude.” It in, he is speaking of exactly this – the cultivation of gratitude.

After reading it, I felt that I couldn’t have said it better than him, so I have decided to share it here today.

When you read it, I encourage you to not only consider the alchemy of gratitude, but to consider the alchemy of self-trust and self-love as well. The seeds of all of these lie within our souls. We can awaken them anytime, when choose to be diligent in our efforts. I hope that this message will touch your heart and open your mind to infinite possibilities.

The Alchemy of Gratitude

Gratitude is a technique of the mind that anyone can learn and develop. When your experience and understanding of gratitude deepen, you’ll know that it simply means being grateful for everything, in any circumstance whatsoever. Every moment of life will be filled with gratitude, and you needn’t try hard to find it.

At first, gratitude must be looked at to be seen, must be sought to be found. Find something to be thankful for, even though you feel it’s insignificant. We all have something to be thankful for.

If you really think you have nothing to be grateful for, then be thankful you were born a human being. Be grateful that you are still breathing and that your heart still beats. And be thankful that the sun rose today, that a new season has come, and the trees are green again.

If you have true gratitude for even one thing, at some moment thankfulness will rush over you like a wave.

When thankfulness matures, then appreciation – temporary, conditional, and calculating – gives way to unconditional, sustained gratitude.

Such gratitude takes away from our lives’ complaints and dissatisfaction, anxieties and worries, and brings in their place infinite positivity and peace.

Train yourself to be thankful, whatever your circumstances. Let gratitude fill your whole mind so that thankfulness overflows into your whole life.

If your heart is filled with gratitude, you can’t live halfheartedly. You can’t use tricks or do cowardly things for your benefit alone.

When you are grateful, you show full devotion in whatever you do and do your best no matter whom you meet.

A holy mind comes out of a grateful heart. Gratitude is an alchemy of the soul everyone should practice.

~ Ilchi Lee~

Sincere Gratitude

Dear Friends of this Healing Tree,

I would like to sincerely thank those of you who have contributed to the GoFundMe for my book. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

There were even those of you who sent encouraging messages with your donations and they were so very touching to me. It’s inspiring and encouraging to hear of your support and a bit about how my journey relates with your journey. To me, that is the healing tree, and we are co-creating a healthier forest and a healthier world as we open our hearts and share with one another.

There were some donations that came through which even brought me to tears. I was so touched to feel the heart and mind that makes the choice to help another human. There were moments when my phone pinged to show me that a donation had come through and in that moment of my life, it actually healed me to receive it.

Life is so interesting. However crazy this world may be, it is so precious that we can love and care for each other. It’s such a beautiful thing that we can inspire and support each other in ways we don’t even realize, just by making choices.

Through our simple choices to be brave, to be honest, to be empathetic, to open our hearts once more, we make this world a better place.

Through the GoFundMe, plus donations given outside of it by people who wanted to send to me privately, I have reached over half of my goal!! For me, it is very exciting and I am already amazed, deeply moved, and sincerely grateful for every single one of you. So much so, that I wanted to take time to share my heart with you.

Thank you for brightening my life with your love!

Blessings of light & love for all!,


Your Support!

Hello to all of my dearly beloved Healing Tree readers!

Are you still out there? I hope that this post finds you happily creating your lives 🙂

I think of you often, but have been consumed by my push to finish my first-ever and likely-to-be-only book. It is a huge undertaking not only of time and energy, but mental and emotional willpower!! I would like to give a huge round of applause to all of the book-writers of the world! I truly commend you. You are amazing.

I am approaching the summit of the birth of my book-baby, which in its current form is titled, “Healing Tree: an adoptee’s story of hurting, healing & letting the light shine through.” Soon it will be time to seek professional editing and embark on my self-publishing journey.

For this, I would love to ask you for your support! The fees for this part of the climb are quite high, and I do not have the have funds to cover the costs, so I am reaching out to Healing Tree supporters who may be willing to lend a small hand. Any size of contribution is humbly welcomed! Many small hands will give me the boost I need to get to the top of this mountain!!!

Here’s the link to my GoFundMe:

Thank you sooooo much in advance and I look forward to communicating more with all of you in the very near future! I have missed you!

If you have any questions, feel free to post in the comments.

I am sending many blessing for your health, happiness & peace.

With Love & Light,


Year of Love

Dear Healing Tree Readers,

It’s been so very long since I have written here ~ almost the whole year!

But I wanted to check in now to see if you have been keeping up with your 2020 goals, despite all of the unexpected craziness that we have faced this year?

This is very important. Through making goals that expand ourselves into the people who we truly want to be, and keeping those goals despite the wild ride of life, that is how we grow our consciousness.

And I still stand firm in my belief that what humanity needs most right now is to raise up the brightness of the collective consciousness. Each one of us are the people who need to do that. This is the most important choice of all.

It may sound odd, but I actually had a beautiful year. I set out with the goal to grow my power to love. And as the pandemic hit, I wrote a post about choosing for love. As I have continued to choose for love, in the face of all of my struggles and circumstances, some amazing things began to unfold.

Unexpectedly, I experienced a tremendous amount of reconciliation between myself and several important people from my past. There were things that needed to be said, actions that needed to be taken and forgiveness that needed to be asked for, as well as offered, in order to heal some outstanding hurts. The amazing part about it is that some of those hurts were things so far gone into the past that I just thought they were behind me. But 2020 brought them back to me, and I cried many tears of gratitude and joy as those amends were made.

It’s impossible to describe the type of joy and lightness of my heart that came when I realized that despite those painful and confusing experiences of the past, the choices we make right now are what matter most. And when all the cobwebs of misunderstanding are cleared away, what remains is just love. Pure love that cannot be damaged. As I found this love again and again through my reconciliations, I realized that my capacity to love was, in fact, growing.

When you set a goal, one never knows how the universe will bring it to you. It may look nothing like you expected. I felt that these opportunities for healing came to my life one by one because I have worked so hard, each and every day, sincerely trying to develop myself into a person who can truly contribute to the good of all – what we call in Body & Brain, a Hongik person.

So as we come upon this Thanksgiving season, I invite all of you to begin looking back on your year to see where you began, how far you have come, and where you want to go when the new year arrives. No matter what is going on around you, you can always set this goal and experience the empowerment of creating your life. That is an empowerment that can never be taken away from you.

Personally, I want to offer my thanks for all of those who gave me the opportunity to heal & grow, to say I’m sorry & please forgive me, who opened your heart to me, even when it was not easy, and gave me the chance to choose love. Not the love of “thank you for doing something nice for me”, but the love that shines whole and bright in an unconditional place. Because of you, that is the kind of love I have found again and again in 2020. Amidst all the darkness and chaos, I was blessed to find that love, feel that love and choose for that love again and again. You have given me the most beautiful gift.

I will continue to grow and expand myself with this love, finishing out the year by keep my promises to myself. As a side note, one of these promises was to work on my book, which I have kept to all year, now finishing up the second draft and preparing for the next step.

However, I have missed my Healing Tree readers and look forward to providing more messages here of support and hope in 2021. But you are on my mind – all of you who I am endlessly grateful for – as we approach this holiday season. Let’s check our goals and get ready to finish the year on a positive note. Let’s not forget how important we are! Let’s keep turning our inner light on as we move through dark days and nights, and create a future that we all want to see. That future begins right here and now, inside of our hearts.

Healthy Summer

I hope that you all are having the healthiest, happiest and most peaceful summer that you could possibly have, despite worldly circumstances.

If there was ever a time to practice that “I am a creator of my own life,” I feel that time is now.

More than maybe ever, we are being given wild and crazy opportunities to make difficult choices each and every day.

What are you choosing for?

I truly hope that you are choosing for your health, happiness and peace. If you don’t do it, there is nobody who can or will choose it for you.

This is something that is truly in your hands. And that’s the good news.

So, if you are looking for a healthier, happier and more peaceful action to take these days, I’d like to share with you a link to Body and Brain’s Summer Health Webinars.

I myself will be leading a session called, “Intro to Emotional Self Mastery” with focus on increasing Self-Acceptance & Self-Love.

The more we practice to accept and love ourselves, the more we can accept and love the situations that we find ourselves in. Everything begins with you, all the answers are truly within you, and you are the hope that you are looking for.

The below link leads to more info on my session and how to register if you are interested. I believe that you can follow it to find out about other positive, healing webinars that will also be taking place this summer.

May you awaken, grow, heal & transform through your wise and conscious choices!

Happy Earth Day!

Every time I recite the Earth Citizen Declaration, I see people from all over the world reciting it together. So, I gathered some friends and decided to put my joyful & touching vision into creation. I hope that it makes your heart smile as well!

Here is my Earth Day 2020 gift, to all of my fellow Earth Citizens!

Made with love ~~~~~

I am an Earth Citizen!

Every morning after I do my Bowing Meditation, I sit down and read Ilchi Lee’s, “Earth Citizen Declaration.”

Each time I read it I find that I love every single word of it more and more. So much so, that I decided to inscribe it into my memory.

As I close my eyes and recite it to myself, I find myself imagining all of my fellow Earth Citizens around the globe declaring together in agreement, “Yes! I too am an Earth Citizen!”

I long to see the day when 100 million Earth Citizens band together like a golden web across this planet.

For April 2020, Body & Brain is going to honor our Mother Earth by hosting a Global Earth Day Meditation on 4/22 @ 10am PST/ 1pm EST. I hope that ALL of you will tune in to Body and Brain TV for the Youtube Live event! Let’s unite in our spirit of Earth Citizenship. Let’s begin to weave this web.

If you read the following declaration and it resonates with your heart, then feel free to declare in the comments: I am an Earth Citizen!

If you feel even more inspired, please join me on social media to share #iamanearthcitizen #getbright. The Get Bright movement is about people gathering their minds and hearts together in light, love & hope. It’s about increasing our collective care, connection & consciousness. It’s about letting our true human nature shine.

But, it’s not about me trying to convince you. The light only grows when we do it sincerely from our hearts. So, I share this declaration with you from my heart. And if you feel it in yours, you can share it too ~ 🙂


I declare that I am an Earth Citizen who loves and cherishes all humans and all life, as someone who has found my value and recovered my character.

I declare that I am an Earth Citizen who contributes to making a happy, healthy family and peaceful community.

I declare that I am an Earth Citizen who lives for an Earth Village where all humanity lives as one family beyond nationality, race and religion.

I declare that I am an Earth Citizen who acts to protect and restore the global ecosystem so that the earth may recover its original beauty and vitality.

I declare that I am an Earth Citizen who takes part in the work of developing 100 million Earth Citizens for the evolution of human consciousness and the advent of a new era of civilization on earth.

Unconditional Love

Back in December, I chose my 2020 theme word. It was “Unconditional Love.”

We never know how the universe will twist and turn itself in order to help us achieve our goals, right?

Standing here at this moment, looking at the world, quarantined in my house, limited in the work I can do, feeling the collective suffering, I keep asking myself, “What should I do? What should I do in this moment for the dream that I live for? What should I do for creating a brighter earth and a peaceful humanity?”

I get the same answer every time I ask. Each time it gets louder and clearer: Love.

Love and love and keep loving. Love the people your heart was closed to, the people that you felt hurt you, the people far away from you and the people near you. Just love endlessly and infinitely and let that love ripple out and bring your dream back to you. Love big and wide without expectation of return. Love with your purity, your sincerity, your authenticity, your truth. Love without conditions.

Even as I share this message with you here, I can feel the possibility of how different my life will be if only I can achieve this great love. And I feel that NOW IS THE TIME to make it happen. If not now, when?

I am reminded of one of Ilchi Lee’s messages from his “Calligraphic Meditation” book. I have dug it out so that I can add it to this post, in hopes that this time can be a meditation on Love for all of us. If that meditation is deep and real, then maybe – just maybe – when we emerge from our houses once more, the world will be a brighter, more peaceful, more loving place than the one we remembered.

The Law of Love

The human soul grows through love. It’s important to realize that you can create love infinitely instead of wandering in search of someone to love you.

Love grows more greatly when you give it than when you receive it. This amazing fact is the Law of Love.

If you want to live a life full of love, first give it without striving to receive it. If you keep trying to get love, your love will constantly grow smaller.

Because you’re trying to receive love, you will constantly feel sad and inadequate when the love you want doesn’t come. You will become endlessly sadder and lonelier. And you will come to mistakenly believe that you don’t have love yourself.

If you think about it quietly, you’ll realize that you’re happier when you give love than when you receive it. To use a knife as a metaphor, the one trying to get love holds a knife by the blade, while the one trying to give love holds the knife by its handle.

Those who keep trying to get love are anxious and worried. “What is my love leaves me?” they ask. “What if love never finds me?” On the other hand, people who give love to those around them have confidence.

Every one has the power of love. If you want love, you must use love. If there is no one close you can give love to, then love yourself first. Once that love fills you, then all you have to do is give it to others. That’s how you begin.

There is love inside us. However, we can’t experience the love unless we use it. We can’t trust it unless we experience it.

Love is like a spring that never runs dry . The more we use it, the more new love arises. – Ilchi Lee


Living Tao

As I said in my previous post, we all need to take our daily doses of good news to keep our spirits high, our minds bright and our bodies strong. For me, reading the “Living Tao” book by Ilchi Lee is one of the best ways to put healthy, positive, hopeful, Life-affirming information into my brain.

Today I wanted to share a couple of short passages that I came across as I was doing my reading last night. As a Self-Mastery Trainer, I especially love these passages because they address the topic of emotions. Being able to manage our emotions – especially in times like these – is critical for our overall health and well-being. I strongly believe that the better we are at deeply knowing ourselves and exercising our ability to manage our emotions, the more we can truly participate in making the world a more peaceful and harmonious place. After all, it’s human behaviors, fueled by their unruly, unconscious (and sometimes conscious) emotions, that causes much of (all of ?) the chaos that we witness in the media and in our lives everyday.

So! Here are some information vitamins for your soul!!

“You can begin to master your emotions by acknowledging them in an honest and compassionate manner. As you develop your awareness, you will increase your ability to observe your emotions calmly and objectively, without overreacting.

When we are in pain and overwhelmed by extreme emotions, it’s easy to believe that our emotions have a hold on us and won’t let go. But actually, we are frequently the ones who do the clinging. We must first realize this to control our feelings: ‘My feelings aren’t holding on to me; I’m actually holding on to them!’

Emotions come and go like clouds drifting across the sky. We do not need to cling to them, as they will inevitably soon change…. Our enlightenment takes root when we calmly observe the ups and downs of life as we witness the cycle of the seasons, trees growing, blooming, bearing fruit, and withering.” p. 63-64, Living Tao

“In order for our souls to control our emotions, there must be proper dialogue between the two. First, the soul must cease to identify itself with the emotions. The soul must seize leadership of the emotions by declaring, ‘My emotions are not me, but mine!’ In the instant the soul makes that proclamation, the emotions will say this to the soul: ‘You’ve always listened to what I said. We’ve been one, you know. Why are you suddenly saying that we’re no longer one? You’re my friend, aren’t you?’

Then the soul must be able to say to the emotions, ‘That was then, not now. You are emotion; I am soul. You are are not me, but mine. I have the power to watch and control you.’

Even though you make this declaration., it still won’t be easy to free from the domination of your emotions — at least not at first. As this dialogue between them continues, however, the soul will gain the power to lead the emotions, and the emotions will be tamed by the soul. The soul will recover its central place, its seat as master, and the emotions will act as helpers, assisting in the soul’s growth.” – p. 68, Living Tao

~ Ilchi Lee

In my life, the process to gain management over my emotions, while growing the strength of my soul, has been incredibly rewarding. It has brought much healing to my relationship with myself and others, and even to my own physical health. It has had a positive impact on just about every aspect of my life.

If you’re reading this and feel like now might be a good time to start practicing how to gain better management over your own emotions, please contact me by email, which can be found in the Work with Danielle section of this site. Even if you just have some questions – you are welcome to email me directly or reply to this post in the comment section. It is my great joy to be able to share the tools that have been so amazingly transformative for me and countless others on this journey of recovering inner peace.

Good News

I feel like we all need some good news these days. The bad news that is circulating throughout the world right now is toxic for us.

It’s like food. If you feed your body junk food long enough, it will get sick. Your body needs vitamins and nutrition to be healthy and strong. “Bad news,” or negative information, is like junk food for our spirit. At first we might want to munch on it for a bit. It might be kind of delicious in its own way. The drama of it all might entertain and excite us. However, if we listen to it long enough, our spirit becomes darkened and weak. We lose our inner strength, our inner center, and when that happens it’s easy to be consumed with fear, anxiety, worry… frustration, sadness and despair. In that condition, even maintaining one’s physical health becomes endangered.

We could even say that “good news,” or positive, hopeful information, is the spiritual vitamin that we need right now. It’s not even an understatement to say that this is a very important vitamin to maintain not only our emotional well-being, but our physical immunity too. It may feel really hard to do when we are bombarded by negativity from all angles. However, it’s up to each and every one of us to protect our own brain and make sure that we continue to polish the brightness of our spirit, despite the external circumstance. We all have the power to do this. Nobody can turn on your inner light for you, but it is truly hopeful and empowering that we are the ones who can do it for ourselves. It’s in our hands. It’s all about the perspective, the lens, we choose to see through.

So, let’s ask our brains. “My dear brain, please show me the positive side of things. Please give me hope. Please help me to find good news.” Your brain will definitely respond to you when you keep at it. Don’t let your brain become a slave to the news around you! YOU become the CREATOR of the news that you need to hear – the information that will make your brain work well. Information that will turn on the light inside and bring joy to your heart.

If it’s hard to find it, then place your hands on your chest and breathe. Feel the warmth inside, your heart beat, and keep communicating with yourself sincerely. If it’s still difficult, then go for a walk in nature and look up at the vast expanse of sky. Or, take a hot bath! Enjoy a talk with a friend! Sip on a cup of sweet tea! Exercise is always useful to shift your perspective, as well. After activating your muscles and raising your body temperature, your eyes will see things in a new way. The point is: Just keep trying something! At some moment, you will discover that brighter thoughts are naturally bubbling up to your mind. The condition of your brain has changed!

I want to ask for all of us to become Good News Creators at this time. The world needs us to do that now more than ever. We can continue to nervously nibble on the toxic information out there, or we can contribute to the much needed healing of the collective consciousness. We can build a bright, strong, healthy information field as we focus together. Each moment is critical. Let’s begin today!