I am enough

I just returned from another beautiful retreat in Sedona, Mago Garden.

It was special for me in so many ways.  I was there with several of my closest students. The weather was HOT and I was enjoying the searing heat soaking into my bones (something that rarely happens here in Seattle).  With the hot days days came warm windy starlit nights that evoked a sense of sacredness and a feeling of reverence in and of themselves.  And perhaps most importantly, we had the opportunity to train with a very special Master, Ilchi Human Dae Sunsa Nim, who led us all to a profound meeting with our souls.

My meeting with my soul this time was grand and unforgettable.  I came to feel myself, complete and whole and full, in and of myself.   I recognized that so often I turn my awareness away from my wholeness, looking outside at others, sending subliminal messages to myself that I am not enough.  This behavior causes holes inside of me, where energy leaks, and the soul weakens.  The message this time was loud and clear and shook inside of me like thunder.  I Am Enough.  I AM ENOUGH.  I AM E-NOUGH.  It kept repeating inside of me over and over, as if it was speaking to all of my life, every single tiny moment when I failed to believe it.  It felt like the message within me was re-setting my information bank, re-wiring my brain circuit to establish a new belief in my psyche, one that would take strong roots and become unshakeable.

Of course, with every awakening comes a test 🙂  So, the day after this deeply profound and touching experience, I met with a situation where my emotions completely took over me and I ended up having a small altercation with a person who is very dear to me.  I won’t go into the details, and the two of us cleared it up rather quickly, but the whole thing saddened me.  For hours I kept chewing on it, trying to feel into it and understand what happened.   What was  the lesson here?  And why was it so unsettling to me?

Finally, later that evening on an airplane to L.A., the realization came to me.   I take things too personally.  I do that when I am not staying present with my enough-ness, and instead looking outward, creating holes within myself.  Those holes weaken me and cause me to feel pain and emotion where it was not necessary at all.  Because the fact is, I am whole and full and there is no need to take the actions of others so personally.  When I do so, I am denying my own complete perfection.  And when I was able to come back to myself and say, in the words of Don Miguel Ruiz’s second agreement, “Don’t take anything personally,” I could feel the fullness, warmth and light of my soul filling me once more.

I took this precious awakening with me when I went to L.A. to visit Kate for a day.  I could observe how quickly and easily I instinctually take things personally, and I kept trying to step away from that thought pattern and re-establish my wholeness again and again.  There were times on that visit that I also failed to do so.  I am aware now that it is something that will take a huge amount of effort and practice on my part and I am fully ready and excited for the road ahead!  I feel the refreshing breeze of freedom touching my heart from the prison that I have lived in my whole life – the prison of taking things personally and diminishing my own value.  This beginning fills me with light and hope!

All souls are on their own journeys.  There is no need to take things so personally.  Our jobs are to find the lessons and change ourselves anew.  Through this, we grow.  It is truly a beautiful thing.  From this place, forgiveness, acceptance and love arise – for both ourselves, and others.   This is the meaning of healing myself, healing my family, and healing my world.


For my Father

Father’s Day is a much more comfortable day to me than Mother’s Day.  I am happy and grateful to celebrate my father, who I find to be one of the most admirable humans that I have ever met.  Truly, he’s one of the great ones.  He’s simple, kind, soft-hearted, honest, loyal and is always trying to help.  Yes, it could be that as his daughter I am always looking at him through “best dad ever” goggles, but I do feel that I have enough insight to see his flaws.  However, his great qualities far far outweigh them.

One of my most special memories of my father is from a bitter sweet time.  It was when I was 19 years old and my father, who was only 44 years old at the time, had a minor heart attack after he went out for a jog on a hot summer’s day.  My mother took him to the hospital and they discovered that he had several blockages in his heart, and that he needed to have five bi-pass surgery.

That was a pretty terrifying time for all of us, including my father, and I felt so sorry for him while he had to lie in a hospital bed for several days waiting for his surgery. I couldn’t imagine what he must be thinking or feeling.  He was trying to play it cool but I knew that he was worried inside.  So I decided to bring him my first and only novella that I had just finished writing.  It was about 100 pages long.  I thought he could maybe read the first chapter or two to keep his mind occupied before his operation.

On the day of the surgery, my mother asked me if I wanted to go with her and my grandmother to the ICU to see him when he came out.  I was scared, but I said “Yes.”  Thankfully, everything had gone well and the surgeon came into the waiting room to tell us that we could go in.  As we entered the room I was so surprised to find my father all swollen-looking and yellowish with a big tube down his throat.  We stood around his bed, me on the right side and my mother and grandmother on the left.  He opened his eyes and when he saw us he started making all kinds of  groaning noises, motioning for the nurse to take the tube out of his mouth because he couldn’t talk.  She came over and removed it and this is what my father did…

He looked at my mother and said, “Sorry Bev.”

Then he looked at the nurse and said, “I love you.”

Then he looked at me and said, “Danielle I finished reading your book!  It was so good!! I wanted to tell you that I loved it!”

That’s what my father was thinking about upon the completion of his open heart surgery.  He was thinking about apologizing to my mother before thanking the nurse who took the tube out of his throat.  And he was thinking about my book, and how much he wanted to tell me that he loved it.  I was so  so deeply touched by him that day.  I cried all over his cheeks,  kissing him and telling him how much I loved him.  And even now tears are welling up in my eyes as I remember that moment.

It’s such a pure, untainted and grateful love that I have for him.  My father is good down to his bones.  He is extremely generous.  If he were to receive $500, he’d try to give me half.  He’s always been that way.  And he’s always trusted me.   In all the choices I’ve made, he’s supported me and encouraged me.  Whether he agrees or disagrees, he always trusts and supports as his ultimate decision, because I am his daughter and he feels that is what’s most important.  And that love and support has meant so much to me, and healed me in so many ways.

My father, I love you.   Your goodness has had a profound impact on the direction of my life.   You are my hero and my friend.  You are so precious to me.  Thank you for everything ~


How to be Loved

Today a perfect poem fell into my path.  Don’t you love it when that happens?  A little poem shouting so loudly what I already knew, what I often say, what I wanted to hear, what I needed to be reminded of.

It’s simple and yet says so very much.  For me, it speaks of Heaven’s Love.

I would like to share it with you:


How To Be Loved

If you are wondering how you can be loved,

The way to be loved is to love first.

If you exist only when you are loved by others

How sad that is.

If you confirm your existence only by others

You must stop, if you can.


Don’t confirm your existence only by receiving love

Confirm your existence by loving.

Don’t hesitate,

Be the first to wear your heart on your sleeve!


Loving first,

Loving yourself,

Loving without fear,

For it’s love that makes human mature, isn’t it?


poem by Jeongeun Son,  from Seventy Stories for a Healthy Soul



Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day ~ did you celebrate it well?

To be honest, I didn’t.  Several of my students and fellow instructors went out to the Duamish River here in Seattle, as part of the Earth Citizens Organization, and teamed up with Earth Corp to do some cleaning and reparations.  I was unable to go because I needed to teach the class at the center and couldn’t find a substitute.

However, on Friday we showed “Before the Flood” in honor of Mother Earth.  As I have written before, I find this documentary to be particularly powerful, and it again rocked the world of my heart.  If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch it.  You can easily rent it on Amazon.  As painful as it is, I feel that I need to keep watching and sharing it again and again with those around me.  It made me feel awake, and made me also realize how often I am sleeping.

In the discussion following the movie there were many different points and perspectives raised among the group.  Someone asked the question, “What if it’s just a natural part of the Earth’s process for the temperature to change, as it did long ago at the time of the Ice Age?”

Upon hearing this, others could scoffed a bit as if to say, “Of course it is human being’s activities causing this! Are you crazy?!”  But I myself had the following response:

You know what ………who knows?  Who really knows????  Anything is possible in this mysterious Universe.  But! There is one thing that I do know and that is this.  Regardless of what the science of it all may be, it is not acceptable to me to see human beings damaging life in the name of money, greed and power.  It’s just not acceptable.  And that is what must change.  We must, as a species, respect the life that we are.

It feels like common sense to my heart.  Doesn’t it feel that way to yours too?  To see other life being injured so brutally at the hands of human beings – whether that be the life of other people, other animals, or the Earth itself – is so agonizing to the pure life within me that is watching such insanity.  So, this is the work that I feel must be done.  If for no other reason, we must at least raise up our own integrity, our level of responsibility and love, in front of our beloved Mother.  Don’t we want to show her how much love and respect her children have?

Our current behavior is just truly inappropriate.  That’s why human beings need to awaken their senses more.  So that they can feel how inappropriate this behavior really is.

Because people don’t sense it.  They just chase after their own selfish desires, only paying attention to what is “mine” and what “I ” want, with disregard for the whole.   It’s hard for me to blame them, since their senses are sleeping, but that’s why I feel like it should be mandatory for all human beings to increase their sensitivity – to feel the life within them, and the life of others, and the pulse of life that is all around them.  Then, there will be no way that anyone could do something like destroy the last great rainforests that exist on this planet in the name of obtaining more palm oil to make money off of.  There’s just no way.

That is why I love and believe in Brain Education.  Brain Education exists to help people awaken the senses of their bodies, minds and spirits.  The senses of their hearts and brains.  And with these senses, develop the ability to feel myself and feel others and feel the mountains, rivers, forests, and animals of land and sea.  In addition, sense the way to create solutions and build a better world together.

This is not only the work that those who are greedily destroying this planet should do – but it’s the work that all of us must do.  Because, those of us who have some awareness, who feel a little bit awake, have even more responsibility.  I know that I feel the urgency now more than ever to wake myself more to find what I can do and to do it!

Ah ~ breathe out 🙂

I will choose now to let the passionate fires of my heart settle down into my lower dahn jon (core energy center).

But, I believe that you can feel me and understand the message I am trying to share today.

And I believe that you already know how important it is. I just wanted to give a gentle nudging reminder to anyone willing to receive it.

Let’s not just save the Earth.  As Ilchi Lee always says, let’s each of us develop the spirit to “save myself, my people and my humanity.”  Recovering our pure human spirit, integrity of character, and sense of oneness of all of life, could possibly be the greatest and most important work set out for each of us at this moment of history.



It’s a beautiful spring day here in Seattle.  The sun is not shining too brightly, but it’s clear enough to see the sweet snow-capped mountains that sit to the east and to the west.  Buds are bursting, weeds are growing, and the small white blossoms on the tree in my front yard are smiling at me.  Even the evergreens that line the forested road I drive down every day seem to be waving at me today, as if to say, “Look at at all of my lush shades of green! Aren’t I gorgeous?!”  On a day like today I am reminded of the magnificence of living on the west coast, where the land speaks so easily to my heart, if only I take  moment to listen. It’s a joy to feel life.

I have missed writing and interacting with all of you.  Sometimes I am busy running my center, but other times I am just consumed with the study of being alive.  I find it such an enriching and fascinating study, don’t you???

In my recent trip to Sedona, I received a message from the ever-so-majestic Secret Mountain – a mountain that is an old and dear mentor to me, from which I have been blessed with many insights and messages over the years that I have been visiting Sedona Mago Garden.   In meditation, I asked the red rock  how I can be stronger and braver. This time, the mountain responded by telling me that I needed to repair my “root,” which had been severed at the time of birth.  It made perfect sense.  I believe that for anyone who was separated from the mother that bore them within the first 1-3 years of their life, that person would incur an injury to their “root.”  That is an energetic injury that influences our sense of worth, value, and security of body & mind for the remainder of our lives.  And having such an injury, as well as an intention to heal it, makes for an EXCELLENT study!

In the chakra system, the “root” is typically considered to be the 1st chakra, which is the area of the perineum, the place from where we all entered the world.  In my body, I also feel it connected to my 2nd chakra, the area of the womb.  Both of these chakras additionally have connection to the kidneys, bladder, lower intestines, reproductive organs, lower back, sacrum, tailbone and ….you guessed it….the belly button 🙂  At the moment of receiving this message from Secret Mountain, I felt this whole area of my body relax and receive tremendous energy from the earth.  It was as if I was suddenly connected to the mountain itself, feeling my own roots planted deep into the earth, creating an unshakeable sense of existence, a beingness where no doubt or fear or any emotion could possibly exist.  Just a beingness – like the earth itself – which, after all, is my true nature and true worth.  As I breathed deeply feeling that power within me, I felt my heart open  wide,  a vast acceptance spreading out and wrapping itself around every part of me, every part of my past, and every part of existence itself.  That’s when I realized how critical it is to have a healthy, solid root, to do the work of opening your heart and loving and accepting as widely and unconditionally as is humanly possible.

So, since I have returned, I have become increasingly interested in dedicating myself even more to the development of my root.  In truth, I have known about this for a long time. and I have been working at it as best as I could for about 17 years.  But suddenly I understood it at a deeper level and felt ready to commit to an even more focused practice. In fact, even right now as I write this blog post, I am reminding myself to feel my root, to relax and allow my awareness to drop there, and to feel myself again as I center myself in the base of me.  When I do it well, my perspective on everything completely shifts.  Emotions quiet down, judgements disappear, my heart chakra relaxes and there is a spontaneous sense of contentment and well-being that rises up, allowing me to be still in the present moment.

Recently, Ilchi Lee has been emphasizing the importance of creating a healthy lifestyle through something called Tongchun Living.  Tongchun Living simply means to awaken your consciousness and re-align yourself with your true nature multiple times a day by doing one-minute exercises.  Basically, taking one-minute out of each hour to wake up! The exercises could be rigorous like sit-ups, push-ups or squats. Or, they could be something a little lighter like belly-button healing, body tapping or…anything!  He often says that when you raise up the temperature in your body periodically, even just for one minute, then you can better manage your energy. When you manage your energy well, then you can better better manage your mind.

Me and many of my fellow Body & Brain practitioners are now doing these 1-minute exercises 10 – 12 times per day, or sometimes even more!  For me, I am trying to utilize as many of them as possible to bring energy and circulation to my 1st and 2nd chakra and strengthen my root.  I am happy to say that I feel that it is working! It is always so encouraging to feel change happening inside of my body, mind and spirit due to my own dedicated efforts.  I believe that this is in fact the simple recipe for change that we all need. It looks something like this:

1. Have a goal (ie. strengthening my root)

2. Follow it with an appropriate action (ie. doing one-minute exercises for strengthening my root, such as sit-ups, planks and other funny-named positions that activate my core, lower back and tailbone),

3. Keep doing the action  consistently and persistently.   Don’t give up no matter how difficult, tiring or monotonous it may be. No matter how distracted or discouraged you may get along the way….keep going, keep going, keep going.

4. Then, when you recognize any change occurring, congratulate and praise yourself with excessive enthusiasm!!!  Your brain will change into a positive power-brain, and it will produce more self-empowered, self-confident thoughts for you!  Your feeling of self-trust and self-worth will increase and before you know it, you will be transformed!

I think it is our duty as human beings to endlessly change, heal, grow and upgrade ourselves for the betterment of our body, mind and spirit, and for the betterment of the world.  I hope that this spring we can all re-commit  to our goals of self-development and spend the remainder of the year praising ourselves for the good work we’ve done and the progress we’ve made!!




It’s been a really long time to write a blog post.  I feel that I have missed this space to get cozy and share from my heart!

I have been busily consumed with my own self-development these days.  For me, each day that I run my center, each person and situation that I meet, each challenge that I face (inside or outside), each choice that I make, are all part of cultivating my body, mind and spirit in some way.   They are all opportunities to look at something, strengthen something, change something, awaken to something new.  And it seems that recently, I have been quite consumed by this process and unable to digest it all in time to be ready to write a post when the small window of time available to write presents itself.

However, I wanted to make sure to take a moment to post an update regarding my book-happenings.

As many of you know, I had applied for the Hay House contest to try to win a publishing contract with Hay House, or at least a self-publishing package with Balboa Press.  Thank you so much to all who supported me in that effort by submitting your emails and/or sharing ideas in various ways.  I want you to know that I am grateful to each and every one of you.

I was notified on February 28th that I was not the winner  of any of these prizes.  I accepted this quickly, as I was truly just happy to complete my work of applying for the contest in 2016, and I knew that it meant that it is now time for me to make a decision about my next step.

I have been “chewing” on it for a while now.  Still chewing, actually 🙂  Recently I was in Sedona at the Mago Garden Retreat Center, and the message to me while I was there was that I definitely need to proceed with the project, even if it’s just a slow plodding forward.  I spoke with the woman who runs the publishing company for Ilchi Lee’s books here in America and her advice to me was, “Complete the manuscript first and send it to me and then I can give you a good recommendation.”

Soooo…… I think that’s what I’m going to do.   Although the thought of it is quite daunting, and the energy in my life right now is not exactly flowing that way, I’m going to do it.  I don’t know how long it’s going to take, but I’m going to do it.

I am going to use this as an opportunity to truly do it the way I want to do it, since I no longer have to worry about following any rules or guidelines that a publishing company might put on me.  In my heart, I really have always wanted to write a book of vignettes and assorted pieces of prose poetry.  So perhaps my book will come out that way, which makes my heart light up just imagining it.

I may end up going the e-book route, or there is a small possibility that I may do a kick starter to help me raise funds so that I can again try to self-publish with Balboa Press.  Whatever it may be, I will keep you posted.

That’s the status for now.  I wanted to share a simple update, as I had previously mentioned that I would know at the beginning of the year the results of the contest.

I also wanted to thank you again for your continued support, and I am open to hear any of your ideas or suggestions anytime.  I may not always act on them, or act on them right away, but it’s good to plant the seed.

And, hopefully I will be back to writing a little more consistently in this blog. But, if not, good luck with all of your own self-development journeys in the meantime!  Each time we change, grow, brighten, develop and awaken ourselves, we are creating more light and a brighter vibration for the planet.  Never forget how important your choices are!

Blessings to all ~



It’s one of those days where the sun is finally shining here in Seattle after a looooooong stretch of heavy gray sky and rain rain, snow, drizzle, slush slush, rain again…..

It’s hard to NOT feel good on such a day!

Isn’t it amazing how much our spirit loves Light?  Even just the light of the blue sky, the sun shining on your face, is enough to make anyone smile.

If our human nature loves the light so much, then I just wonder why we, as a global society, are so addicted to the darkness??

I feel like I have spent the last 17 years of my life very actively removing the blockages and barricades in my heart that were preventing me from allowing myself to bask in the light.  And I wish so much that every single human being on the planet would do that work. It would be such a better world!  We don’t have to be perfect at it, but if we seek and try – even if we just simply seek and try to ACCEPT our inner shadow and love and allow that to be as it is – the world would be a better place.

But instead it often feels that with any small opportunity we jump on the bandwagon of fear and hate.   Judgement, anger, blame, criticism, despair….why??

Our human brain has an amazing capacity to create hope.  I think that is perhaps one of the most precious things I have learned from Ilchi Lee.  As I watch him live his own life I can see that he is a hope-creating machine.  He’s endlessly turning crisis into opportunity. Making lemonade out of lemons.

When I have tried it, even just a tiny bit, I have found it to do wonders for my life.  It allows me to live a bright life, instead of being mired in the darkness that the world so often asks me to submit to.  It allows me to make a choice to not be the victim of my circumstance and instead to be the creator of my life.

So for years I have had a little slogan in my heart that I remind myself of again and again. “Create Hope.”  Wouldn’t that make a great bumper sticker?  I would love to see that message riding around on cars, silently asking people everyday, “What are you doing to create hope today?”

The world will only change when each of us create hope one day at a time – even one moment at a time.   I write this blog right now as one of my attempts to create hope.

Because at this moment in the history of the world, I really wish to see people rise up and choose hope, choose love, choose light.  Remember! It is the easy way to surrender to this Fear World.  That’s what the darkness wants – to suck you in. It takes a great amount of will and determination, wisdom and CHOOSING POWER to participate in the making of a Hope World.  But we can do it.  All of us are so important.

Today’s post is my own personal response to all of the political, religious, racial, societal, environmental and global chaos that’s abundant these days.   I hope that you can feel the heart of the message.  Let’s make beautiful, bright sun-shiny lemonade together!

Ego Contemplations Continued

It’s been a while now that I have been in deep contemplation about my own ego.  I have talked about it, written about it and felt about it more than I ever have in the past.  It has been calling my attention and I have chosen to give it my attention.  Today, I will write a little more on this topic and my recent experience with it.

When I try to feel into the bottom of my ego, it feels like there is a strong desire to self-protect.  It feels as though my 3 main desires of control, recognition and safety are all balled together in one sticky, entangled wall of defense around my pure heart.  It is a tiresome fight.

If I go just one step deeper, it seems like all of this is born of a false sense of “self”.  That “self” is the very root of my ego. It’s as if I am living my life, on a subconscious level, to defend and protect a self that doesn’t even actually exist.  When I believe that it does, then I cannot feel the true Life that I am.

So, as 2016 ended and we were heading into the new year, I set my intention that 2017 would be a year where I let go of my “self’ on much deeper level.  I declared it with great conviction, knowing the power that goal-setting at the beginning of the year can have.  And then what happened?  The Universe gave me EXACTLY what I needed.  It presented a circumstance that scratched the sleeping beast of my smallest ego “self”, waking her up in a frenzy.  It was quite unpleasant, and at first I was very confused.  But once I realized that everything was happening perfectly to give me the opportunity to let go of myself right off the bat – the first month of the year! – I began to appreciate the process.

Then, a few days ago, one of my beloved blog readers (she knows who she is :)) sent me this perfect message.  It was written by Pema Chodron and it read:

If We Want There to be Peace

If we want there to be peace in the world, then we have to take responsibility when our own hearts and minds harden and close.  We have to be brave enough to soften what is rigid, to find the soft spot and stay with it. We have to have that kind of courage and take that kind of responsibility. That’s true spiritual warriorship.  That’s the true practice of peace.


This little message resonated so deeply with me.  “When our own hearts and minds harden and close” – that’s the ego activating!  It usually happens when we are hurt or threatened or upset in some way, and causes the iron wall to go up inside our heart.  This wall blocks others from hurting us, but it also blocks us from being able to access our deeper, purer self – the light of our Soul.

“Find[ing] the soft spot and stay[ing] with it” is recovering our connection with the pure heart.  It is the light in the darkness.  Only when you fully accept your ego and it’s behaviors and allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to face and sit with your own pain, can this “soft spot” emerge.   This takes great courage.  That size of courage arises more strongly within when you have a bigger desire – a bigger purpose.  Because I want peace in this world, because I have a responsibility to create that peace – that’s why I can bravely face my ego, and choose the soft breath of unconditional love that lies beneath.

It’s not easy – the ego always wants to be safe. It always wants to control and it always wants to be recognized.  The last thing it wants is to be fully accepted, embraced and then looked past, into the bright light of the tender Soul.

I’m sharing these contemplations right now because I believe that all of us are dealing with this ego on a day to day, moment to moment basis.  Some of you may be fully aware of it and others perhaps not so aware.  If any of these words or thoughts can help you on your own healing journey, bringing you closer to your own peace ~ then I am happy.  Take a good look at how much your own ego may be causing you great suffering in many aspects of your life.  All you need to do is look and look, feel and feel, listen and listen, choose and choose.  Again, again, again.  Stay awake and aware.

Then, as Pema Chodron said so beautifully, there is hope for a peaceful world!  Because our current world is built on the ego of human beings.  That is why it is a Fear World.  That’s what I call it.  It is a fearful, chaotic place that intends to incite and perpetuate fear in the hearts of all people.  Everywhere.  Egos pulling on the strings of egos, pressing on the buttons of egos, stepping on the toes of egos, and around we go, like puppets in the silliest of dances, reacting and responding with our egos.  I don’t know what’s more exhausting – the inner war with my own ego, or the outer war with society’s giant ego.

I don’t want to live in such a world any longer.  I don’t want to add to it’s insanity and I definitely don’t want to leave it to our future generations.  I choose a new world.  A brighter world.  And it begins inside of me.  I truly pray from the bottom of my heart that we can all choose to follow Pema Chodron’s wisdom and take responsibility for true peace.  We don’t have to go far – it begins inside our own precious hearts.


Today’s Awakening

Happy New Year to all!

How is your 2017 going so far?

Mine had a very bumpy take off, I must say.

But today is a good day. Today’s awakening is about the importance of self-love.

It is self-love that will give us the strength to pull ourselves out of our various dark holes and tangled stories.  Because, we are the ones who are abusing ourselves most of all when we allow ourselves to stay stuck in those small places.

It’s so obvious when we feel our bodies.  We make ourselves sick with the way we talk to ourselves or what we choose to believe at any given moment in time.  We twist up our insides with our unhealthy ways of interpreting reality – wearing the goggles of our past wounds as we look at the present moment.

Today I felt how critical it is that we protect our pure hearts from the ravenous tigers of self-doubt, blame and victimization that live within us!  Nobody else can protect this heart for me.  I must be the one to do it. To have the power to choose to  love myself and to protect myself from my own habits – that is true freedom.

That takes courage.  And courage is a sense.  I realized that this is why my teacher is always emphasizing the importance of strengthening and awakening the physical body – over and over again.  When we feel the life force in our body, our power is naturally rising up and we can make such choices without such an effort.

Once we sense this a few times, we start to develop a new habit.  A healthy habit. We’ re just generally so comfortable with our old familiar feelings of fear and doubt, anger and resentment, that we’re sometimes not quite sure how to feel any other way.  Self-love is the key to a new beginning.

Right now, with your warm hands, rub the center of your chest and tell yourself that you love yourself.  Feel the warm goodness spreading through you.  That is healing energy!  I give you permission to allow it to spread out to the tips of your fingers and toes.

It is our true value we must protect – not our ego.  Examine yourself closely – what are you protecting?

Let’s gather our strength to stand up each time we fall and love ourselves once more.  Let’s turn all of our obstacles into opportunities to love ourselves that much more deeply.

With this choice, I am now ascending into the sunny skies of 2017.


Self Mastery Online

I have decided to begin an Online Self-Mastery Class that I will run for the entire year of 2017.

This is a class that I have offered at many centers where I have worked – including Seattle, Albuquerque and Bayridge, Brooklyn.   In it, I pull together all of the principles and practices that I have acquired over the year from my teacher, Ilchi Lee, as well as many other mentors that I have met along the way.  The course is designed to help the student increase self-awareness and gain tools to overcome negative habits of body and mind. We use very simple repetitive exercises to bring the mind into the body.

Self-Mastery is not something that you “learn”. It’s something that you must practice over and over again repeatedly in order to “master”yourself.  The class will also provide you with some structure for practicing at home and deepening your understanding of the energy principles.  In the Body & Brain Center, members take Self-Mastery continuously for years.  In those who practice continuously, I always see amazing results in terms of awakenings and transformation.

Ultimately, most people want to live in alignment with their best, truest, purest, highest self.  The reason why we cannot do that is because of all of our unconscious habits.  The Self-Mastery course will help you to unravel all of this little by little.

This is how it will work:

I will begin Monday, January 9th at 6pm PST.

The class will run for 1 hour at the Kirkland room on changeyourenergy.com.  Therefore, if you would like to join, then you will additionally need a premium membership to changeyourenergy.com.  This membership can be attained on a monthly basis and cancelled anytime as needed.

The class structure will include sharing, lecture and training.  All sharing will be done via the chat box for time management purposes.  From time to time I may ask a question directly to a participant and at that time we will use the audio.

You can sign up for classes 10 sessions at a time.  You can use your sessions as you choose – if you miss a week of class you won’t lose your classes.  Therefore, it is possible to stretch the 10 classes out over a long period of time.  However, I highly recommend that you use them continuously to get the maximum benefit out of the course.

When your 10 classes run out, you can always decide if you want to continue or not.

Again, the more you do and the more consistently, the more awakenings you will have.  So, even if you do private work with me as well, I still recommend the class because you will see even more changes/improvements.

10 classes = $100

I am offering 20% off for December registration.  So that = $80 for 10 classes.

Also, everyone who joins must have a Healing Life tool. Tools are $108.50.  You can order them at http://www.bellybuttonhealing.me/ravennapark.

This class is designed for me to share the principles that I deliver in my classes and workshops at the Body & Brain Center, as well as those found in the blog, to those of you who are far and don’t have centers nearby.  It is slightly more advanced training than you can typically find in our videos.  However, I did teach a 5 week mini-course online through Changeyourenergy.com.  Those sessions are now archived there, if you would like to check them out further to understand the kind of work that we will be doing.

If you are interested in signing up for this, then please contact me via my email.  Also, you can reach out to me there or on Facebook if you have further questions.  You can also place them in the comment box here and I will answer as best as I can 🙂

Even if you cannot sign up at this time, you can join in at anytime this year.  Registration will be rolling.  As long as I have students, I will maintain the class for one year.  It will be a great year of growth!

I teach this class because I want to help this world.  I believe that as each of us get closer to being the masters of our own bodies and emotions, we become brighter lights on the Earth.

I look forward to seeing you there ~~~