Poem #1

Recently, my brother Ian was encouraging me to write poetry.  He always reminds me that he loved the poetry I wrote when I was younger and urges me to continue doing it.  However, sometimes there’s just nothing there, you know?  It’s not that I don’t have things to write about because I am always filled with feelings, awarenesses and reflections, but sometimes those synapses are just not firing when I look at the paper.

So I told him on that day, “Ok, how about this? You text me a word or a sentence to stimulate my brain and I’ll bounce off of it by creating a poem.”

Now here I am, sharing what we came up with!

Ian sent me a quote written by a man named Hayden White, from “The Historical Text as Literary Artifact”, as follows:

“It is frequently forgotten or, when remembered, denied that no given set of events attested by the historical record comprises a story manifestly finished and complete. This is as true as the events that comprise the life of an individual as it is of an institution, a nation, or a whole people.  We do not live stories, even if we give our lives meaning by retrospectively casting them in the form of stories.”

To which I concocted the following poem, that has no name, so I just call it Poem #1:

I want to live

In the reality.

I desperately want it.

I long for it I pray for it

How silly I am!

Longing for something that I already am, longing for a place where I already am.

The story that is the reality where I live….exhausts me….

What a strange existence.

If I have to live and die like this, I’m not sure if I can forgive myself.

But to think like that, fuels my story even more….

Can I surrender my precious pitiful empty story?

Can I be brave enough to face the vast loneliness that unveils when that story is peeled away?

A great teacher once said, “if you can watch your loneliness, you can be enlightened.”

Perhaps it is true of all of history, of the entire human race – we are all just bunnies running away from the tiger of loneliness, not realizing that it’s just a paper tiger, after all.


It felt good to write that poem! I just put the pen down, not knowing where it would lead, and a bunch of different things that were processing inside of me organized themselves and came out 🙂

Ian’s response was:  Loneliness!

Interestingly, just a week ago I was invited by Linda Yoonjin of Change TV to do a podcast with her, chatting on the topic of ‘loneliness.’  I will be posting that podcast here as soon as it comes out for the public.  So, more on the topic of loneliness to come….

Thank you Ian for knocking on the dusty door of my inner poet once again and inspiring her into action!


Absolute Acceptance

How would you answer the question: What is the opposite of fear?

For me, there are different answers on different days, depending on what I’m experiencing and where I’m at in my journey.

Sometimes the answer is Love.  Sometimes the answer is Courage.

Today, I feel that the opposite of fear is Absolute Acceptance.

Accept everything.  Accept what the moment brings to me.  Who said it should be any other way?  Why do we put so many expectations on life?  Life should be like this and it shouldn’t be like that.  He’s supposed to do this and she’s supposed to do that.  I’m not supposed to be like this, it’s not supposed to be this way…and so on and so on.

Have you ever taken a look at how many should’s and supposed to’s that you are projecting onto each and every moment?  The problem is that we are mostly doing it unconsciously.  But I invite you to bring it into your conscious awareness.  It may be painful, yet I still invite you to do it.  It’s when we finally see the truth of our habits that we have the opportunity to change.

Life is life.  But I put my expectations on it.  Then, when life doesn’t match my expectations, I suffer. Isn’t it so?

Let’s check our expectations carefully.  I believe that they are causing us pain.  But the good news is: Although we cannot change the current of life, we can change ourselves and our expectations of it.  We can change our perspective.  We can let go of our demands on life and just lean into it AS IT IS.

Is this easy to do?  No way!

But will it bring us more peace?  Yes, definitely.

I have heard some call this “radical acceptance”.  I want to call it “absolute acceptance.”  Absolutely accept every single thing as it is.  Look into your own heart and find the judgement, expectation and “should” that you put onto yourself, your situation, or the person involved in it.

Let’s stop demanding from life.  It’s stressing us out and disabling us from being ALIVE.

Let’s start in small doses – just a moment here or there when you can grab hold of this perspective.  Awaken the calmly observing eye within you that is watching life through you without any commentary of goods and bads, rights and wrongs.  I’m not saying to stay there always because that will lead to disappointment in yourself.  Instead, take it easy and slow… just try to begin the process of waking it up.  That eye is always open, but we couldn’t allow ourselves to see from it because we were so busy judging ourselves and our innocent lives.  And why?  With what and whose standards have we been judging with?

I believe this is an important thing to consider in our journey of awakening.



What are you discovering, uncovering about yourself these days?

As the earth turns, as summer rolls by, as good news and bad news come and go from the world around us…. what are you seeing about yourself?  How are you changing?  Isn’t that the duty and purpose of our existence as human beings?  To at least keep changing and growing ourselves with sincere effort to evolve into the best people that we can be?

In Ilchi Lee’s newest book, I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years, he’s got some great passages on the topic of self-cultivation.  He says that, “Continuously thinking good thoughts, acting on those thoughts, and moving your body and mind are all self-development…Being able to smile more often, overlooking the mistakes of others with a smile, telling someone more easily that you love them, and being true to yourself – these are also the results of self-development.”

Even as I type that here, I find myself breathing out with a sigh of great relief.  Isn’t it such good news?  It’s even the smallest things that we shift in life – just breaking out of the mold of our old habits the slightest bit- that makes us feel proud of ourselves and our brains start to produce positive messages.

I love the above quote. Simple but true.  It makes me thing of another thing that Ilchi Lee always says: Good news makes a good brain.  This is one of the key principles of how to have a healthy, optimal-functioning Brain Operating System.  Just as negative information is like toxic poison for our spirit, which then slowly seeps into our minds and bodies affecting our health, positive messages become medicine for us!

So right now, at this very moment, whatever issue of life that you may be struggling with, take a moment to pause, breathe out, and encourage yourself with a positive, hopeful thought about it.  Feel how your energy shifts as you do so, and you will find your mind and body relaxing.  You are now leaving the Fight or Flight mode and entering Rest and Digest.  The power to give ourselves good news is IN OUR HANDS.  Let’s use it to make ourselves better humans.  As we all know, the world definitely needs us all to be better and better humans 🙂

Today’s Reflections

Hello World,

How are you?  Are you feeling bright and hopeful these days?  Or do many concerns of your life and your world weigh you down?

It’s been a long time for me to write.  I have been missing Healingtree. I have been so deeply immersed in my own process that it’s been difficult for me to come up for air to write.

Today’s Reflections:

My true value is the sky and the trees.  Therefore, I must always stand tall with a shining spirit in order to protect that value.  I must, with great courage, let go of my “self” who blocks that value, but who is not really me.  It’s so easy, yet so complicated.  It seems that the ego would do everything in it’s power to distract me from the very truth of my existence.  However, maybe if I just let that ego of mine run its wheels long enough, it will lose it’s steam and finally surrender.  I must stay positive and awake.

Love is medicine.  To know my value is true love for myself and only when I do that can I truly love others. Because loving others is seeing their value, isn’t it? And when I see my value, I can see their value.  And vice versa.  Because we are one.

It’s all very beautiful.  Even suffering and failure can be beautiful.  And we must do even those things – suffer and fail- with bravery.

I hope that my reflections are useful to you who is reading this!  I would love to hear your reflections too.

I hope to share more often.  Sharing my heart makes me feel alive 🙂

Thank you for listening!

Love to all ~


I have updated a new cover picture to Healing Tree!  Do you like it? Someone asked me if that was me…Yes, it’s me 🙂

I am in the Earth Village in New Zealand, doing a “Self-Declaration,” overlooking a huge valley of forest that looks much like the one you see behind me.  Because where we were was so very quiet and remote,  our declarations echoed back to us, leaving us feeling invigorated and empowered.

As I stood in front of the vast landscape,  I felt my heart beating passionately before Mother Earth.   I asked my heart what it wanted to declare before this Great expanse of Life.  I was feeling very small, humbled, and grateful – in a good way 🙂 .  What came out from my soul was: I AM FREE!

Free from the illusory prison of my thoughts, my beliefs, my emotions.  My fears and my stories.   My judgements and reactions.  Free.

Free from my desires to control and be safe.  Free from any moment when I forget that I am already Love Itself and Life Itself.  Free.

Free to be who I truly am.  Free to live as I choose.  Free from the construct of my own Egoic Mind and from the sickness of society’s collective Egoic Mind and unhealthy information field.  Free.

Free to live joyfully and peacefully as a daughter of Heaven and Earth.  Free to Love.  Free to be Brave.

Free to create my dream and do my very best for this planet and this humanity while I live and breathe this life.


I was feeling all of those things as I shouted loudly in the Earth Village that day. I love this picture, because it takes me back to that moment, when my heart was full of courage and my soul’s wish was singing, and for a moment in time there was nothing else inside of me but that.  And the trees listened with stillness, but I knew that they heard me and they felt me.  In that sacred time and space, all was truly well.

I am deeply thankful for all that I received from the Earth Village.  Indescribable gifts of understanding, acceptance, support and embrace.   I pray that with my life I can give back to our Mother Earth even 1/10th of what she has given to me.

Thank you Mago (Ancient Mother, Mother Earth).  I love you.





Today I wanted to take a moment to share just a little bit more on New Zealand 🙂

During the time of our tour in February, a producer and his camera men from a Korean broadcasting station were there, following us around on the second half of the tour.  This station, known as KBS (which might actually stand for Korean Broadcasting Station, but I’m not really sure), is one of the most well-known and popular stations in Korea.  It was a great honor that they wanted to do a little segment on New Zealand, the power of alternative healing, kigong, Body & Brain Yoga and Ilchi Lee.

Finally, the clip was translated into English and I found it so beautifully done ~ capturing New Zealand and some of my experiences there so wonderfully!  When I saw it, I felt that it was an opportunity to go back in time and take some of you with me!!!

So, I wanted to share it with you. I invite you to sit back, relax and really take in the refreshing spirit of this sacred land…..


Breathe well!

I have been reading the “I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years” book and I came across a great passage on breathing that I really wanted to share with you.  This passage can be used as a meditative exercise, or it can be used to simply receive the comfort and hope of it’s wise message.  Here it is:

Close your eyes and slowly inhale and exhale. Now focus your mind on your chest and heart. Imagine breathing life energy into the soul in your heart.

Feel your breath gradually deepening as your body and mind relax. Forget special breathing methods and just breathe however your soul wants. You’ll find a rhythm for your breathing after a while.  As you inhale, imagine the life energy of the cosmos entering your body, awakening the energy of your soul in your chest.  You’ll feel your heart gradually filling with warmth and peace — the pure energy in your heart, the feeling of your soul.  Feeling the soul is never difficult.  Just let yourself be breath itself.

Breathing is a time for fully feeling your life, a time for being one with pure energy.   Whenever you feel that you’re mired in thought and emotion, when you feel that your life has somehow lost its center and direction, balance yourself through breathing.  The goal of a spiritual life is to remain  centered in your soul and to develop the strength of your soul. ~~ Ilchi Lee

In the past, I have also talked about using breathing as a form of acceptance.  Through breathing we can let go of our heavy thoughts and judgements and settle into the present moment.  We can feel the Great Okayness of nature and the universe, of who and what we truly are. We can restore ourselves with the life energy that is always there for us when we take time to simply focus and feel.

What a gift!  Let’s not overlook a tool so simple and so accessible, given to us with this human body ~ reminding us of where we came from.  As I write this to you, I remind myself…. let’s breathe well!

(I included a link for the 120 book in case you want to read more!)  http://amzn.to/2GRFnQk


120 Steps

I just returned from another wonderful meditation tour in New Zealand.  It was a very precious healing time for me.

As I always say, New Zealand is my favorite place on the Earth.  And it was confirmed again.  This time was even more special because I had the opportunity to visit the Earth Village, which I had not been to when I went in 2016.  The Earth Village is a place that Ilchi Lee is developing so that people from all over the world can come together to live and work harmoniously, to learn to cultivate the health of their body, mind, brain and planet, and perhaps to bring those tools back to their home countries. A village where we can all live in oneness with ourselves, with each other, and with the Earth.

The Earth Village is over 300 acres of land and much of it is untouched, pristine forest.  There has been very little development done so far, but one of the highlights is the 120 staircase.  Ilchi Lee built this staircase at the time when he himself decided to make it his goal to live a 120 year life.  He chose this goal because he felt it may take him this long to fully blossom his dream of a complete Earth Village, and he felt that it was worth it to live to such an age for a dream that could benefit humanity and mother earth.  The 120 year human is a model of a healthy, happy, peaceful human and the representation of a life lived with purpose.  This is not a material purpose, but one that stretches beyond the systems of the current world we live in and touches the pure greatness that lives inside of each of us – the Soul inside that wants to bloom itself  into completion, like a beautiful golden flower.  If you’re interested to understand this concept more, please reference the “I’ve Decided to Lve 120 Years” book. The 120 staircase was built so that all people could come and contemplate their own lives – how they have lived so far, and how they will live for the remainder of their days.

When we entered the forest that day in the Earth Village, I felt instantaneously happy.  It was if the trees were welcoming me back home, enveloping me in a sense of belonging.  The first thing we did was pay a visit to a 500 year old Hwangchil Tree and offer our respect.  There, I felt as if I was standing in the presence of an ancient mother. Her roots were thick and strong, and when I knelt down to put my hand on them, I could feel them coursing with warm energy.  Tears came to my eyes for no reason and I felt such love and honor to be in her presence.  I felt her warmth through my whole body, and I desired to just be near her for a long long time.

After that, we moved onto a winding upward path that had been built for us.  Without it, the forest would have been too steep and too muddy for us to trek through.  It was a mystical walk, as a gentle rain was coming down, intensifying all the sights and smells of the forest.  We winded here and there and I felt as if I was suspended in the air, walking among the trees.  Finally, deep inside of this vibrant place, we arrived to the 120 steps.  The steps had numbers on them, and we were guided to meditate on each year of our lives at each step.  We could pause for deeper reflection at the years where we had an important, impactful event or experience.

That’s all.  It was such a simple instruction.  But it was so profound.   For me, as you can imagine, even stepping on the very first step was difficult.  Before the first step we sat on a small deck which was “the womb”.  Whenever I do womb-meditations it is always quite difficult for me.  I do not experience a cozy comforting feeling when I imagine/remember being in my mother’s womb.  Instead, I observed myself as I became very tense, and feelings of anger and defensiveness arose within me.  Where was that anger and defensiveness coming from? I believe it was some sort of feeling of guilt and shame.  And confusion.  So there I was, standing before the first step, filled with sensations of deep churning tension, frustration, defensiveness, a wall over my heart – covering and protecting me from guilt and shame, all encased in a cloud of confusion. Lovely 🙂 And I felt I could have stood there meditating on it forever.  But a voice inside my mind started nudging me, “C’mon Danielle.  You have to move.  You have to accept this as your beginning and move on.  Just step forward.  Begin.  It’s time.”

So I did. I stepped and stepped and reflected and felt and meditated and cried and smiled and stepped and stepped.  I paused at just about every single step 🙂 It was a very beautiful experience.  I saw how much my parents love had melted my initial tension and pain.  I saw that my mother’s mental illness had exacerbated my confusion, which caused a great deal of insecurity and lack of confidence.  I saw how I manifested so many people in my life – friends and lovers – that were mirrors of my inner chaos.  The dramas I experienced with them were actually the beginning of my self-purification process.  I saw how meeting Kate also added to the confusion inside of me, but at the same time brought a sense of relief.  Then, meeting Dahnhak and Ilchi Lee was as if a bright light shone down on me and sent me into an even deeper unravelling.  All the experiences I had from then on, and the great Souls who have come into my life, have helped me transform my rapids, into a flowing river of hope, courage and confidence, and even sometimes a peaceful stream of love, light, joy and gratitude.  I could understand that my whole life so far has really just been a huge movement towards healing, growth and transformation. I felt inspired by my own life.

Then, after passing my current age, it was time to throw off the past and move lightly forward, into a life of pure creation, manifesting my greatest self and all of my dreams.  We all climbed the remaining steps swiftly and joyfully and had a great heartfelt celebration at the top!

Later, one of my students who was on the trip with me said, “I think that was a magic staircase!”  I couldn’t have agreed more 🙂

It was a perfect opportunity to see my whole life clearly, in a perfect place, surrounded by the non-judgmental arms of the forest.  Something happened in my heart at the Earth Village that day.  Something let go, and a new sense of acceptance set in.  A lightness. A hope.  And a feeling of possibility.  Since then, I have a felt a new space to love opening in my heart.

When we continue to clean out the dark closets of our heart, our Soul’s light will naturally rush into those corners, filling us with love and gratitude and lifting us to higher levels of consciousness.  Our work never ends.  Our possibilities are limitless.  All we have to do is keep going on our soul’s journey, and never give up.

Thank you for allowing me to share my experience with you 🙂





I know that I’m a couple weeks late but….Happy New Year!

Have you created your 2018 goals yet?  I hope that you have, and that you are joyfully and consciously moving towards them.  Depending on the depth of your sincerity, I’m sure that the Universe will provide many great ups and downs to help you achieve them 🙂 . Remember that everything is your choice.  You can take every single one of your hardships and turn it into a precious blessing.  Or, you can just suffer repeatedly with a victimized mentality.  Always check yourself to see what you are choosing.

Everything that I recommend for you, I am also always practicing myself.  I have found that the more I work towards my goals without letting go of them, the more I am truly able to develop my brain.  I realized that in the first part of my life I did not take care of my brain well – I did not manage it properly, I did not train it to help me.  Instead, I let my mental and emotional habits become like over-sized pets that drag their owners around, instead of vice versa.  Then, one day I began the journey to change this trajectory – to let my emotions and habits know that in fact they are NOT the owner of me.  That journey has bloomed many beautiful flowers of awakening over the past 18 years, but I can say that it is only now that it is truly blossoming the flower of brain management. I love it when I have the feeling like, “Ah ~ now I am at the beginning!”

So, I enter 2018 walking on a tight rope, balancing the ability to see the insanity of my habits and illusions even more clearly than ever, with a much expanded ability to return to my center, to remember who I am, to challenge myself physically, emotionally and spiritually for my continued growth.  It’s a unique place to be internally – one I have not experienced yet – and I feel grateful.

I mentioned briefly in my last post that I have been doing a lot of one minute exercises and reading the book “I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years.”  Honestly, I feel like I am walking that tight rope with these tools in each of my hands.  The one minute exercises started with the One Minute App that I talked about (www.changeyourenergy.com/1minchange/ravennapark) but then expanded into me making it a daily habit to do muscle training and exercises to make me sweat for even just 10 minutes every day.   This has been extremely empowering for me.  I have never been a person to have strong muscles 🙂 In fact, when I was young I never even played any sports.  So, purposefully working on myself this way has me feeling like I have a whole new body! And it’s true ~ along with changing my diet in a couple of different ways, I have lost about 20 lbs and I feel stronger physically then ever before.  How this affects me spiritually is that it gives me more power to 1.  Face myself, 2. Plow through obstacles and 3. Purify myself when I do my training.  I have been able to feel what Ilchi Lee means when he says “Physical power is Life!”

And the 120 years book is like a holy scripture of wisdom for me!  In fact, I have been really wanting to share with you one of the dozens of passages from it that I love so much. Here it is:

You must understand the relationship between yourself and your emotions: emotions are not you, but yours. Emotions are merely a variable environment that affects you like any other surrounding that you experience.  You can choose to walk away from an emotion the same way that you choose to walk out of a room. You can change your emotions because they are only your internal environment, not the essence of who you are.

No matter how much you try to control your mind through meditation and training, however, negative emotions will arise within you. You’ll be lonely, sad or angry at times. That is normal. As long as we live entangled in countless people and events, such emotions will arise. Because we live in many external and internal environments, emotions are bound to arise according to changes in those environments – just as our days are not always sunny but sometimes cloudy, windy or rainy. Holding your center allows you to calmly watch such changes.

It’s important not to get bogged down by negative emotions. It’s natural for emotions to arise but you must guard against getting stuck in those feelings and being led around by them.  Flailing about in a quicksand of negative emotions for a long time saps your strength and makes you feel lonely, afraid and unhappy.  Such emotions bring your energy down, making it darker and heavier.

To avoid getting stuck in negative emotions, you need to be aware of your emotional state and to develop the strength to escape from it.  That’s the power of the soul. Nothing but the brightness of consciousness, the power of the soul, can calm the rolling waves of emotion.  Once the power of your soul is awake, you can watch your feelings transform and renew your consciousness. And you become able to use your environment as you wish instead of being controlled by it.  You think of your environment, whether good or difficult, as a problem that has been given to you for the growth of your soul, and you explore ways to achieve your soul’s growth through it.  Will you get stuck in your environment, becoming it’s slave, or will you master your environment, putting it to good use?  You must choose.  Only then can you create happiness and become the true master of your life.  ~ Ilchi Lee


This passage brings much clarity and even as I write it here I can feel parts of it penetrating my brain and giving me a sense of hope and eagerness for my own growth and the path ahead.  It’s a great passage to read many time sover, absorbing the key points deeper and deeper, and resetting your brain with this healthy understanding.

I hope that all of US grow our LIGHT 2X and 10X and 100X in 2018!!!  Let’s make a fierce bonfire of consciousness that crosses the planet, illuminating the dark corners and giving birth to a brighter and better humanity.  The world is waiting.  WE ARE ALL SO IMPORTANT.  I love you~

Winding Down

It’s the end of the year so I have been doing some reflecting on the goals that I set out at the beginning of the year.  I want to encourage you to do the same.

-Did I achieve my goal?

-Did I forget what my goal even was?

-Did I get some things done and others need more work?

-Where am I at?

-What did I learn?

-What obstacles did I face?

-How did I deal with those obstacles?

-Do I feel satisfied with the result of this year?

For me, this year brought many challenges physically, emotionally and spiritually.  However, if I see carefully, I feel for certain that all of the difficulties that I found myself facing were placed perfectly on my path because of my year-long goal of “letting go of myself”.  I realized that hardships are the BEST way to let go of yourself!  Through each one I navigated my way through, I felt I was filing down my ego more and more, building new habits to replace old ones and discovering new ways of approaching life.  I certainly gained a good deal of insight and more confidence, as well as an increased sense of overall acceptance of my body, my mind, my life and all the cards it has dealt me.

Even though the process of letting go of myself is a life long process that could never be completed within one year, what I feel best about at this moment is that I am very clear what goals I want to set for next year for continuing to develop myself.

On a final note, I just want to share with you two of the things that I have been using for my self-development these days are:

The One Minute Exercise app for helping me with daily training (www.changeyourenergy.com/1minchange/ravennapark)

and Ilchi Lee’s newest book, “I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years.”

I highly recommend them both!  And I’d like to conclude my post today with a simple message from the book, which is full of clarity and wisdom for living a healthy and purposeful life:

Self-cultivation presupposes self-exploration, for you cannot truly develop and grow unless you know yourself. And true self-cultivation never end with yourself. When you develop yourself, you find the benefits extend to your family and other people, to your community, to your country, and to the whole planet.  Changes in you lead to changes in the entire world.

Happy self-cultivating in 2017 and beyond!!!