Bath Contemplation

Today I took the best bath ever!

Truly. It was burning hot ~ just the way I like it. I added some lavender bath salts that were given to me with love. Lights off – only the gray daylight shining in. I cracked the window open, which cooled things down a bit, but I really wanted to hear the sound of the rain. The sound was so healing and so heavenly, and it immediately put my mind at ease. I did some BHP and EFT and gave myself positive messages. I thought to myself at one point that this was literally a $1000 bath 🙂

In this most comfortable setting, I contemplated about choosing, story-making, victim consciousness and master consciousness. I realized that the reason why story-making is a problem, is that we always do it from our victimized consciousness. We always make stories that hurt us and turn us into victims, creating enemies and a lot of blaming, judging, complaining mind. Inside of this mind set, we get ever darker and more negative…heavy…miserable. However! What if we could just turn it around and instead of declaring story-making as a bad thing, we could just use it as a tool from our master consciousness? A story that heals us and empowers us is a like medicine for our brain. If that story helps us to produce positive, happy hormones, then what a great story it is! Since we are the creators of our lives, we are the ones who get to choose it as our new truth, replacing the old poisonous story. Isn’t this basically what positive affirmations are?

In the “I’ve Decided to Live 120 years Book,” Ilchi Lee talks about becoming the ‘victimizer’. Basically, he says that when you feel like a victim you can never solve anything. You can never change the condition of your brain and your stuck in a negative circumstance, wanting/needing somebody or something outside of you to change in order for you to feel better. He says that the only way out of this is to somehow make yourself the ‘victimizer,’ and then at least you can change yourself. You take your power back.

At first this can be hard to understand, but my interpretation of this is that it’s about taking ownership. Like this: If we have a lot of negative thoughts about ourselves, whether it be related to what other people did or didn’t do to us, or our issues with our health condition, success, relationships…whatever….What if we just turn it around and think, “Somehow, I chose this. Somehow, I wanted it to be this way. Even if it’s not conscious, on an unconscious Soul-level, I wanted this situation in my life so that I can grow in some way.” Because after all, every single circumstance gives us the opportunity to be stronger, more self-loving, more wise and more free…doesn’t it? Thus the saying ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’

Try this: Look at all the things that are bothering you in this very moment, and begin to tell yourself, “I wanted it to be this way. Somehow I chose this. My Soul chose it. It’s not what has happened to me, but it is what I actually wanted to happen” And then feel your body. If you really allow yourself to believe it, you will start to instantly feel lighter and happier. Why? Because you will have shifted your consciousness out of victim-hood where there is absolutely no solution, into a place where you now are actually getting what you want! And we all feel really good when we get what we want 🙂

This is my most productive bath contemplation to date. Liberating your brain from old negative perspectives and stories is worth more than $1000! If you have a chance to try the above exercise and really allow yourself to own everything in your life that you otherwise thought you were a victim of, I’d love to hear how it goes!

And if you have a chance to take a cozy enlightening bath ~ I highly recommend it!

Never Give Up

As I do my practice and live my life, I can see that all of the spiritual principles that I have been learning and trying to apply over the last 19 years are slowly integrating. So, I guess the message is to never give up. It’s a message that we transform slowly over long periods of time, incrementally. This requires a great deal of devotion, sincerity, patience and self-forgiveness.

I think that I always wished in my heart that suddenly one day…boom! I would be fully awake. I think it is probably that wish that left me so frustrated and disappointed with myself so many times. I am learning through living that if we are able to take a good look at all of the desires and expectations that our ego has put onto life, and accept that it was just our own egoic lens that was causing so much suffering, and that life is what it is and that’s ok, that a deeper peace is accessible. And then the power to truly make conscious choices arises. But when we continuously live as the victim of each circumstance, relationship, feeling because things are not working out the way we wanted them to….we are prey to our endless thoughts, emotions and desires and we are powerless.

I have heard Ilchi Lee say that “suddenly one day” comes after a long period of effort and devotion. What I take from that perspective is that there is no “suddenly one day.” Everything in this universe is a fair trade, what we put in is what we get out. Therefore, what is truly important is our devotion. Our endless attention to our growth and transformation, and our willingness to share and apply each truth that blossoms along the way – this is the beauty of the journey. Then, just like the mountain that is made up of many grains of sand, “one day” something great will be born out of our efforts.

Today’s post is one of encouragement. Never give up. Bloom the beautiful flower of your heart.


Today I want to give a shout out for BETV, a new youtube channel featuring Brain Education!

For those who don’t know, Brain Education is the essence of Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi. It is the practice which I have been training in, teaching others and sharing to all of you for the last 19 years. In fact, I joined the Body & Brain center myself back in Waltham, Massachusetts in January 2000, so I am literally celebrating my 19th year anniversary this month! That’s why it’s not an exaggeration to say that I have dedicated nearly half of my life so far to this amazing training method.

Why have I done that?

Well, Brain Education is rich with energy exercises and universal principles that guide us back to who we truly are. It has been incredibly healing and indescribably beautiful for me to meet with that original nature. It has opened my eyes to new perspectives and brought me to expanded levels of consciousness.

Brain Education is about discovering your greatness through becoming the master of your body, brain and life. It has been liberating for me to realize that I am in fact the creator of my life, not the victim, and that there are concrete tools to help me navigate through the chaos of my mind as well as the world around me. Diligent practice has time and again brought me back to a reality that is not ONLY drenched in ego, negativity, selfishness and materialism. A reality where my soul can grow and my spirit can breathe, stretch and shine. I believe that this reality is where we are all meant to live.

And this is just the tip of the ice berg. It’s nearly impossible for me to put it all down in words what Brain Education has done for me and hundreds of fellow practitioners that I have met along this path. This is why I’m so happy that it now has it’s own official youtube station! I look forward to seeing it reach a wider audience online, and pray that it will illuminate more lives with hope, as it has illuminated mine.

One thing that I think is really neat about the station is that it will be hosted by Linda and Gabi, two young women who actually grew up doing Brain Education as children/teenagers. They both have mothers who are long-time practitioners, who introduced them at a young age. I think these bright lovely women have much to share and attest to as now-adults who were once BE Kids.

If you’d like to hop on the BE Good News Train, in a world that can so often bring us down and leave us feeling lost and confused, please check it out and subscribe. My wish is to share every tool that I know to make this Earth a healthier, happier and more peaceful place to live. It starts with each of us (but you already knew that, because I tell you all the time!)

Here’s the link ~Enjoy!

Oh ~ and one more thing….if you check this out you will also find Dr. Reed Tuckson’s Podcast. I have been invited to be interviewed by Dr. Tuckson for this podcast on January 28th. I am not completely sure when it will be aired but the subject will be “How Can I Enhance My Spiritual Life and Well-Being”. Stay Tuned……

People of Light

Happy 2019!

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to begin my day with deep training. I felt bright light entering my body and stretching out like twists of golden DNA through my arms and legs. I felt that energy was coming down to me from the center of the Universe, reminding me of who I truly am. In my heart, I felt a deep longing that such a light could be born onto this Earth. I was reminded that only the People of Light will create a World of Light.

I am happy to be able to start off the year with such a pure message of light that stirred my soul. Following on the heels of a very up and down 2018, where I shrunk many times and many ways, it is so healing and hopeful to feel myself expanding. And I set a clear intention that 2019 will be a year of letting go, and loving big.

I hope that you all set your intention for 2019 as well. Even if the details are yet to come, I encourage you to have a general focus for yourself this year, and watch how you and life bends to make that intention come into reality.

My training experience this morning reminded me of Ilchi Lee’s message from his Calligraphic Meditation book entitled, “People of Light”. I thought that I would take time to share it with you, in hopes that we all together become people of a brighter light in 2019….a light that chases away the darkness and chaos…until we can see a world that is sparkling with healing, golden light …. The following message reminds us how to become such a person 🙂

People of Light

The seven jewels of light in your body, your chakras, come alive. Delight arises from deep within your mind. Its energy spreads to your whole face, making it bright and cheerful. Your hands float, moving on their own as they do a dance of the soul. O people of light, you are beautiful!

There is no reason to have a cheerful expression on your face. You’re not wearing a cheerful expression because you feel good. You just do it unconditionally.

Let the light in your eyes be bright, peaceful and overflowing with love and confidence. Let it be the greatest light you can create. Control the light of your eyes with the power of your brain.

You can create peace and love in your brain. Emit that peace and love with your whole face. Let your eyes shine with positive energy. Create a light in your eyes and an expression on your face so cheerful that it makes those around you wonder, why is that person so happy?

Straighten your lower back and open your chest. Let all seven chakras open up and gush the energy of infinite life. Make your posture confident, bold and proud.

Plant a beautiful dream in your brain. Create for yourself positive energy, making the light of your eyes gentle and peaceful.

Create good news each and every day. Good news makes good brains. Live always in positive thinking. Positive thoughts create miracles.

There is no hope in despair. There is no hope in conflict. Don’t choose despair or conflict, choose hope in every situation. Hope is a choice.

Those who have hope and those who give hope are beautiful. Life is accompanied by much pain, but it shines in the moment you have hope.

Hope does not make the suffering of life itself disappear, but suffering has meaning when we have hope. Great hope makes even suffering beautiful.

-Ilchi Lee

Letting Go

I have been reading the book “Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender” by Dr. David Hawkins.  I highly recommend it.

The technique for letting go that he speaks about is very much what we practice in Brain Education Step 2. Versitilizing (making your brain flexible) and Step 3. Refreshing (releasing the negative memories and emotions).

Whenever we hear words such as “releasing” or “letting go”, it often times feels like a very difficult thing to do.  In fact, at the sound of such words, we might even find ourselves grasping on all the more tightly! What I have come to realize is that the more we TRY to release and let go (of our negative thoughts, emotions, habits, beliefs, memories and relationships) the further we push that possibility away.

It’s not about trying.  It’s about increasing your power to observe yourself, without becoming immersed and entangled in the thoughts and emotions that arise.  Observing.  Watching without judgement.  Witnessing them, identifying them very clearly and accurately, but not reacting to them. Very very tricky.

This process takes practice and time.  This is why we continuously work on Brain Education Step 1. Sensitizing – awakening our senses again and again through energy training so that we can have better awareness of ourselves.

We all need self-awareness.  Without it, we might hurt others without realizing it.  We might hurt ourselves. We might make our bodies sick. We might make our Earth sick.

Self-awareness is the beginning of healing.  It is the beginning of changing ourselves from an unconscious person, to a conscious one.

Yes, it can be a tedious process to awaken this sense and yes it might also bring new burdens upon you when you realize about your own habits so clearly as if you are looking into a pristine mirror.  This can be a painful process at times!  But, it is such a necessary process.  So that we can all take ownership of our own bodies, minds and spirits.  So that we can become truly harmonious beings who co-create Earth Peace.

And although it is painful at times, on the other side of that valley, there is freedom.  What more could we ask for?  There is nothing in this world that comes for free.  We must put in the work, and then reap the rewards.


Check Yourself! Love Yourself!

Wow~ it’s November already!

Although this has been a bumpy year for me filled with ups and downs (well more like epic crashes and heroic climbs) I don’t want to neglect this moment to do some self-reflection and evaluation on my 2018 goal.  Furthermore, I wanted to remind all of you to do the same!

Have you been focusing on the goal that you set for yourself at the beginning of the year?  How close have you come to achieving it?  What have you learned in the process?  In what way have you developed yourself on the road towards your goal?  How have you fallen short?

This is the practice of evaluating ourselves well so that we can do the 5th and final step of Brain Education: Brain Mastering.

Brain Mastering is about setting a concrete goal in order to manifest our greatest self in daily life, and then working toward it with continuous self-checking and refinement, giving birth to new choices and new actions, again and again, until we achieve our goal.  What happens in this process is Self-Transformation, Life-Transformation and World-Transformation.

Ilchi Lee so often says that what this world needs is human beings who have developed their brains into problem-solving brains.  Then we can really do “Earth Management.”

What does this Earth need?  There can be many answers ~ I encourage you to find your own!  One thing I felt it needed was more love, so I made my 2018 goal to “Love from my Soul – all people in all situations.”

I definitely did NOT achieve that goal yet! Hahaha.  Well, maybe moments of it, but I can hardly say that I am satisfied.  However, that does not mean that this is cause to be disappointed with myself or to blame myself.  This is an opportunity to learn something.

I have definitely learned a lot about myself this year, and I can say with certainty that it’s been a year of great awakenings and clarity in regards to the things inside of me that are blocking that love.  The more I I have been able to look at those things square in the eye, with courage, the less power they have had over me, and the more I feel a great brightness within illuminating on deeper and deeper levels.

This year I spent a lot of time facing: guilt, shame, humiliation, pride, the feeling of lack, desire for recognition, and desire for safety.  These are major players in the game that my ego plays with me.  After identifying all of them, I felt more clarity, more peace and it made space inside to welcome: positive thinking, abundance, the power to give energy to myself, the ability to let go …all of which have lead to a bigger love in my heart.  Not a particular kind of love, just love of self, love of beingness.

And so perfectly, I was recently introduced to the Korean pop band and their international hit song: Love Yourself.  It’s so very sweet ~ have you heard it? I will post the video with subtitles here so that you can understand it’s sweet message 🙂 And the coolest part is that these singers took courses at the Global Cyber University, founded by Ilchi Lee, where they all studied Brain Education.  It’s nice to see them spreading good information on a global scale!!

In conclusion, I want to say:

Let’s never give up seeing ourselves, picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and heading towards our goals again again, no matter how difficult life might be, mastering our brains one step at a time.

Let’s love ourselves, all of ourselves, so that we can truly love others with our Souls.  So that we can truly fill this world with Love ~

Let’s spend the remaining month and a half of this year with determination to achieve what we set out to accomplish! It’s never too late!!  Best wishes to all~~~~~~~

The Summit!

I wanted to give a shout out for  Change Your Energy’s first ever Energy Healing Summit.

It is my great honor that I have been invited to speak there among 7 other AMAZING speakers, who I admire deeply, and who have helped me in my healing process over the last 18 years in so many ways.   And to top it all off, the keynote speak will be my teacher, Ilchi Lee.  How exciting!

Each speaker will have wonderful wisdom to impart.  I will be talking about what I usually talk about ~ managing emotions 🙂  Other things too, but that’s the gist.

It will be a free week of healing messages and tips ~ I hope that you can join me there!

Here’s the link:

Be well!



Understanding Anxiety

I just wanted to let you all know that I will be doing a free webinar next week on the topic of anxiety, if anyone is interested to listen in.

Ironically, after my last 3 blog posts on loneliness, has titled the introductory email that went out today, “You are not alone.”

Yes, it’s also true!  We all have a similar inner landscape.  When we try to process it together, we feel less alone in a chaotic world (both inner and outer), which gives us more strength and hope.

Here’s the link and info for anyone who is interested!


Who is Danielle Gaudette?

Anxiety is a feeling that I know all too well.

I was given up for adoption when I was born, which led me to be extremely sensitive from a young age.

My mother who adopted and raised me – who I loved with all of my heart – struggled with mental illness.  As I watched her suffer through the torment of her own mind through the years, I developed a desperate desire for all people to have peace, including myself. I kept feeling that there must be a way to be free from emotional pain.  And I began to dream of a healthy world where we co-existed as a happy and peaceful humanity.

Discovering and recovering my own peace has been a long, beautiful, painful, dramatic and illuminating journey, full of ups and downs, laughter and tears. It is a journey that I am still very much walking, and one that I am very grateful for.

I have come to deeply understand inner worlds and how similar our internal struggles can be, even if we feel all alone! Overcoming the feelings of anxiety may seem impossible, but we just need to take the time to get to know ourselves and do some serious organizing.

You don’t have to live as a victim of your inner and outer worlds.  There is a great power and possibility within you. Let’s find it! Let’s live it!

I hope you can join me for my live class where I’ll talk about understanding the root of anxiety and how to process it, based on my experience. [August 21st @ 5:30pm PT / 8:30 ET, Free to Join] The class will be interactive so I will take any questions that you may have while watching the class.

>> Click here to join my live class. 

Thank you so much, and remember, you are not alone!



Danielle Gaudette
Understanding Anxiety





Brilliant Solitutde

One last post on the topic of loneliness!

I realize that people might have many different kinds of reactions and responses to this word because each of us may have a different relationship to the feeling and idea of loneliness, depending on where we are at in life.  In addition, each of us may have had different past experiences regarding it, so our memories may talk to us and influence us in a variety of ways.

For me, when I talk about loneliness I am very comfortable with it, because I think that it is quite normal.  All people have loneliness. Ultimately, the soul is longing to return to its original Oneness again, but inside of this human body, we are separate.  The human journey is one that we each begin alone and we must also end alone, even if we are surrounded by loved ones, so it is very normal to feel lonely sometimes and to find oneself trying to avoid loneliness because we have a belief that loneliness is somehow “bad.”

Recently, when I shared my contemplations about loneliness with a senior master in my community, his response was, “Oh, it is very deep! It is right before enlightenment!”  His words felt so true for me in that moment.  I felt that to breathe with the loneliness of my soul was to breathe with the entire cosmos, and it felt so peaceful and so liberating.

Yet still what resonates most of all are my Seu-Seung Nim’s words on the subject.  I thought it would be appropriate today to share another one of my favorite passages from the “I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years” book.  It is from the section titled:  The Fragrance of Brilliant Solitude

Do not fear loneliness.  Great wisdom and love come to us from solitude and loneliness. The path of a human is essentially lonely, but when that solitude has reached the extreme and gone beyond, it changes to great gladness and peace.  That’s when you know great compassion.  Great compassion can be felt when it transcends human affection. It’s easy for human affection to give birth to attachment.  When you are leaning to one side and relying on or stuck in something, you cannot feel the whole.  You feel the whole when you are completely alone and lonely.  When the loneliness of being reaches deep into your heart, a bright light breaks out of the darkness. Then great solitude changes into brilliant light.

If you go forward wth brilliant solitude in your heart, you become what I call a truly fragrant person, one who has the greatest possible attractiveness, like a flower that must be admired for its beauty.  Then you develop a character that stands firmly in its center without attaching itself to other people or running from them or pushing them away. You become able to find the seat of harmony – an encompassing public peace and public love.  You are able to feel the greatest world of consciousness that can be felt by a human being.  The wisdom and power to bring harmony to the world emerges when you can look at the world with this awareness.                             – Ilchi Lee


For the health of our bodies, our minds and our spirits, for the harmony of our relationships, and for the benefit of the world around us, let’s all raise up our courage to uncover our brilliant solitude!

Thank you for the beautiful flower that you are ~ 🙂


More on Loneliness


As mentioned in my last post, here is a podcast that I did with Linda Yoon from CHANGE TV on the topic of loneliness.

I’m not sure if you will find it useful or enjoyable, as it is a different modality than we usually have here on Healing Tree, but different and new is good!

Linda has a lot of personal experience with this topic so she is very passionate about it.  Change TV is part of, and according to the folks over there, I am considered one of the “experts” on emotional trauma, so she invited me to talk about the subject with her 🙂

I feel that there is much to explore about this feeling, but the podcast touches on some of the important places to begin that process.  Please feel free to share here or ask if you have any other questions on the subject.

Have a lovely day!