I am offering my services for anyone interested in self-healing and self-development. There are 3 different ways to work with me:

1) Through watching my videos and following along with the exercises and practices for emotional management.  Price: Free

2) Through participating in my live online Emotional Self-Mastery class.  This class takes place on Monday nights @ 6pm PST.   Currently, it a small intimate group setting where we interact through sharing and education on the principles of Emotional Self-Mastery.   I also lead practice and recommend exercises to do at home during the week between classes.  Price:  $200 per 10 classes

3) Through individual sessions where we can go much deeper and more specific to your needs, addressing issues and questions relevant to you. If you are looking to know yourself more, love yourself more, and be able to have better ownership over your body, mind and life, then this work will be helpful for you.

Through 1 hour private Skype sessions I will guide you using consultation, simple training methods, and the principles & practices of Brain Education. You will learn how to go inside of yourself and discover many awakenings in there, as well as the power to change your habits and your life for the better.  Price for One Trial Session – $150

If you are interested in #2 or #3 above, please email me to work out the details at:

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-A link to where you can order the Connect book on Amazon

-A link to the 120 book in case you want to read more!

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16 Thoughts.

  1. Danielle,
    I am so very thankful to have met you and I look SO forward to continuing our sessions together! You are an inspiration to me and to so many others! Thank you for all you do and WHO you ARE!!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Jodi 🙂 I so look forward to continuing our sessions too!! I am very grateful for your beautiful heart and bright spirit ~ !

        • Haha~ thank you for the invite Jodi nim! Still looking for the right timing….the good news is that if I win the contest then I’ll have plenty more time next year to complete the book itself! And thank you for cheering me on :)) PS. do you want to be on my email list?? If YES, then please add your email on my About page 🙂 Love to you!!

  2. Find time somewhere in your routine you have 30 minutes to write. Write any thoughts you have down, don’t try to get it all right the first time. I keep an idea notebook and main text notebook. You’ll have days of one or the other and some of both. It is enjoyable to read your site here, so you must be able to write and be successful at it. Sincerely, Vinson Shinabery

  3. Danielle, I would love to read your book. I myself have had a big year in figuring things out and staying focused on my goals. I like reading about the things you are doing. Thankyou for taking the time to talking to me earlier in the year and a couple of times last year.

  4. I have been a huge fan of Kate’s for decades, and after reading her memoir, Googled you and found your blog. I think you are a very special woman with a very compelling story to tell, and I think you MUST write your book! I believe it would not only resonate with other adoptees, but with anyone who is interested in exploring the complex mother/daughter dynamic. I will tell you that those ” mini-mine fields ” you feel you are always navigating exist even for those of us who have not been adopted – my mother is
    87 and STILL a force to contend with! Good luck, Danielle, I will ABSOLUTELY
    buy your book!

    • Thank you so much for your sharing and encouragement Regina! If you are willing, I would love to ask for you to put your name on my mailing list….you can find where to do that right here in the Services section….thank you again!

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