Today I wanted to take a moment to share just a little bit more on New Zealand ūüôā

During the time of our tour in February, a producer and his camera men from a Korean broadcasting station were there, following us around on the second half of the tour.¬† This station, known as KBS (which might actually stand for Korean Broadcasting Station, but I’m not really sure), is one of the most well-known and popular stations in Korea.¬† It was a great honor that they wanted to do a little segment on New Zealand, the power of alternative healing, kigong, Body & Brain Yoga and Ilchi Lee.

Finally, the clip was translated into English and I found it so beautifully done ~ capturing New Zealand and some of my experiences there so wonderfully!  When I saw it, I felt that it was an opportunity to go back in time and take some of you with me!!!

So, I wanted to share it with you. I invite you to sit back, relax and really take in the refreshing spirit of this sacred land…..


Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day ~ did you celebrate it well?

To be honest, I didn’t. ¬†Several of my students and fellow instructors went out to the Duamish River here in Seattle, as part of the Earth Citizens Organization, and teamed up with Earth Corp to do some cleaning and reparations. ¬†I was unable to go because I needed to teach the class at the center and couldn’t find a substitute.

However, on Friday we showed “Before the Flood” in honor of Mother Earth. ¬†As I have written before, I find this documentary to be particularly powerful, and it again rocked the world of my heart. ¬†If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch it. ¬†You can easily rent it on Amazon. ¬†As painful as it is, I feel that I need to keep watching and sharing it again and again with those around me. ¬†It made me feel awake, and made me also realize how often I am sleeping.

In the discussion following the movie there were many different points and perspectives raised among the group. ¬†Someone asked the question, “What if it’s just a natural part of the Earth’s process for the temperature to change, as it did long ago at the time of the Ice Age?”

Upon hearing this, others could scoffed a bit as if to say, “Of course it is human being’s activities causing this! Are you crazy?!” ¬†But I myself had the following response:

You know what ………who knows? ¬†Who really knows???? ¬†Anything is possible in this mysterious Universe. ¬†But! There is one thing that I do know and that is this. ¬†Regardless of what the science of it all may be, it is not acceptable to me to see human beings damaging life in the name of money, greed and power. ¬†It’s just not acceptable. ¬†And that is what must change. ¬†We must, as a species, respect the life that we are.

It feels like common sense to my heart. ¬†Doesn’t it feel that way to yours too? ¬†To see other life being injured so brutally at the hands of human beings – whether that be the life of other people, other animals, or the Earth itself – is so agonizing to the pure life within me that is watching such insanity. ¬†So, this is the work that I feel must be done. ¬†If for no other reason, we must at least raise up our own integrity, our level of responsibility and love, in front of our beloved Mother. ¬†Don’t we want to show her how much love and respect her children have?

Our current behavior is just truly inappropriate. ¬†That’s why human beings need to awaken their senses more. ¬†So that they can feel how inappropriate this behavior really is.

Because people don’t sense it. ¬†They just chase after their own selfish desires, only paying attention to what is “mine” and what “I ” want, with disregard for the whole. ¬† It’s hard for me to blame them, since their senses are sleeping, but¬†that’s why I feel like it¬†should be mandatory for all human beings to increase their sensitivity –¬†to feel the life within them, and the life of others, and the pulse of life that is all around them. ¬†Then, there will be no way that anyone could do something¬†like destroy the last great rainforests that exist on this planet in the name of obtaining more palm oil to make money off of. ¬†There’s just no way.

That is why I love and believe in Brain Education.  Brain Education exists to help people awaken the senses of their bodies, minds and spirits.  The senses of their hearts and brains.  And with these senses, develop the ability to feel myself and feel others and feel the mountains, rivers, forests, and animals of land and sea.  In addition, sense the way to create solutions and build a better world together.

This is not only the work that those who are greedily destroying this planet should do – but it’s the work that all of us must do. ¬†Because, those of us who have some awareness, who feel a little bit awake, have even more responsibility. ¬†I know that I feel the urgency now more than ever to wake myself more to find what I can do and to do it!

Ah ~ breathe out ūüôā

I will choose now to let the passionate fires of my heart settle down into my lower dahn jon (core energy center).

But, I believe that you can feel me and understand the message I am trying to share today.

And I believe that you already know how important it is. I just wanted to give a gentle nudging reminder to anyone willing to receive it.

Let’s not just save the Earth. ¬†As Ilchi Lee always says, let’s each of us develop the spirit to “save myself, my people and my humanity.” ¬†Recovering our pure human spirit, integrity of character, and sense of oneness of all of life, could possibly be the greatest and most important work set out for each of us at this moment of history.


Ego Contemplations

These days, I have been reflecting a lot about the “small me.”

When I feel inside myself, quietly and deeply, I feel this small me as the source of all of my mental, emotional and spiritual suffering. ¬†Simply, I suppose we can just call this my ego. ¬†But what is an ego? ¬†Recently I was reading a message from my Seu-Seung Nim, where he describes the ego as, “Attachment to ‘self”. ¬†The thought of ‘self’.”

Yes, there’s this self inside fighting for survival. ¬†She’s fighting for so many things. When I listen to her, she wants attention, she wants love, she wants control. She wants to be safe, she wants to be good, she wants to be right. She gets jealous, hurt, angry…. oh she is so complicated! ¬†And the more I listen to her, it’s like a tumble down the rabbit hole. It’s never ending, and there are no solutions.

But the thing is….she doesn’t even really exist. ¬†She is not the truth of me.

In a following message, Seu-Seung Nim said, “What is the ego? It is a product of the faulty experiences, the faulty education of the world. Originally, you had no ego. It was created. Although you did choose some of it, the greater part of it was created by your environment. Most people live their whole lives clinging to it…. The ego is caused by separation…There is a process through which the ego, the self, is formed. When a child is first born, it doesn’t know that it is a child. It is not separated from it’s mother. ¬†It is gradually separated, as it sees with its eyes and hears with its ears. With time, it develops self-perception. A protective curtain surrounding it, a protective consciousness forms.”

After reading this I thought, hmmmm……I, being given up for adoption, was separated from my mother at birth…. And, when I go really really deep, I can feel that this protective consciousness literally formed the day that I was born. ¬†Then I realized, Ah ~ that is why I have suffered so much in my life! Because I have such a strong sense of that ‘self’ inside of me!

And suddenly I felt very happy Рjust to realize that and to look directly at it.  Eckhart Tolle often says that by simply shining the light of your conscious awareness on something, you begin to dissolve it.  I could really feel that phenomenon occurring.

I have been looking for solutions for so long, but now I can really feel how it all just boils down to this ‘self’, who is not even real in the end.

And this self totally blocks me from my True Self. ¬†That small self is blocking and darkening the Light. ¬†Suddenly I felt the desire to repent. ¬†Not in a religious sort of way, but just to speak to my pure heart sincerely, “I am so sorry that I have rejected and denied my own wholeness.”

A habit formed a long time ago. To feel rejected and denied.  But I was the one habitually rejecting and denying myself! Of course, now it all makes so much sense.

My wholeness has been right there, waiting for me all along. Watching me.

Then, from the bottom of the rabbit hole, my wholeness rises up as the sweetest, purest most content and joyful little sparkling Light of Life.  Content just to be.

This self is¬†unbreakable. ¬†It’s undeniable. ¬†I just have to choose that channel, again and and again. Repeat repeat repeat. ¬†This is the journey.

Life brings us many opportunities to choose.  Sometimes it brings people our way who help illuminate this Light.  Other times it brings people who send us running into dark corners.  But, we are simply in those corners so that we can find our way back out to the Light again and be that much stronger for it.  So, life is always trying to help us grow, one way or another.  Life truly loves us.

All is well. ¬†The only thing there is to do is to continue this magnificent Soul’s journey through the cosmos. ¬†I am grateful.




Tree of Love

When I was in New Zealand back in February, one the most impressive things to me was the Kauri Tree that I saw in the Waitakare forest.

The New Zealand trip was a meditation tour, so we visited many natural sites and meditated at them.  My meditation at the Kauri tree was one of the most profound.

They call these trees ‘King Kauri” because they are massive and they are ancient. ¬†They are the largest rainforest trees in the world. ¬†The particular one that we visited was 1000 years old. ¬†As I sat there, I could feel it’s great Life Force emanating from it. ¬†It’s bark was a kind of whitish color, standing tall amidst a sea of greenery. As I looked up up up she seemed to be housing so many plants and habitats for different creatures. ¬†I felt like her spirit was reaching up to the sky, arms wide open with love, welcoming all to come and participate in her bounty. ¬†I was in awe of her greatness and I remember having the thought, “I want to be like you.”

img_2330 kauri-2

Then, just yesterday, as I was driving down the street, it suddenly occurred to me that this blog, Healing Tree, is like a great Kauri tree.

As I receive so many lovely comments here and see people sharing their stories, their hearts and their hope, I felt that it’s like a tree itself, where many can come to perch for a while. ¬†Some can take refuge, some just sit quietly and observe, while others chirp away. Someone might take a little nibble of something and be on his way, while another may return again and again to keep drinking from its source. My hope is for all visitors to receive healing nutrients for the Soul from this Tree of Love, so that they can fly off and spread that Love around their lives.

And at the same time, all the little creatures bring nutrients back to the Healing Tree, giving it Life and allowing it to blossom.  All who partake, bring love and beauty back to this tree, amplifying its strength and light.

As I had this thought, I felt tears of gratitude for this beautiful online ecosystem welling up in my eyes.  At that moment, the joy of sharing love and light filled my heart.  I truly believe that we human beings were born to share such a heart, and this Healing Tree community is needed in the world now more than ever.  Perhaps all of the Healing Trees existing in the forest of our global society can someday reach out and connect their branches, creating a web of love and light that vibrates across the planet.

With that, I’d like to end today’s blog post with one of my favorite messages from Ilchi Lee’s “Calligraphic Meditation Book.” ¬†It’s quite possible that I have shared it before, but I figure that it doesn’t hurt to share it once more ūüôā ¬†It is the message of Indra’s Net:

Indra’s Net

Nothing in this world exists in isolation. All life on the planet is connected through heaven, earth, and the empty space in between. From this knowledge emerges a heart of hongik, which seeks the good of all life.

Raise your right hand and look at your fingers. At first you’ll see only your hand. Gradually move your eyes to your arm, shoulder, trunk and entire body. Feel your body, which connects your limbs as one.

Now expand your field of vision to feel the empty space surrounding your body. Taking it further, try to feel the people, buildings, and nature around you in the same space.

The stars in the sky seem to be separated from each other, but they’re connected as one through the void.

The maple and fig trees in my front yard are far enough from each other that the small leaves of one don’t even brush against the big leaves of the other, but deep underground their roots are touching the same streams of water.

There is a very beautiful metaphor in the Hwaeom school of Buddhism. ¬†It is said that an endlessly wide, infinite and transparent net, Indra’s net, is spread out in the palace of Jeseokchun, the land of the Buddha. Hanging from each knot of this net is a transparent jewel, and these jewels reflect clearly everything in the universe. Each jewel also reflects all other jewels, so that a wave arising in anyone spreads to all the others, and a sound coming from just one reverberates among all of the jewels hanging from the net.

In a world of beings interconnected like Indra’s Net, there is nothing unrelated to me. ¬†Each life is different from all others in all sorts of ways, but, in their essence, they are all interconnected.

In their source, all are one. People create differences from that one. And they end up confronting each other because of those differences. Since you and I are different, since you are not on my side, goes the insane logic they create, it’s OK for me to harm you.

From knowing that all are one comes a heart of love for all.




Today I want to talk about Hongik.

This is a term I have been listening to for 16 years since I joined this Korean-based practice. ¬†It is a Korean word, translating into “Widely-Benefitting”. ¬†Simply, this is the knowing that helping others, helps myself and helping myself is helping others. It recognizes the oneness among us – that we do not live alone on this planet and therefore our essential self recognizes the need to live not just for the good of myself, but for the good of all.

I have a distinct memory regarding this. Many years ago, when I was just a student of the practice, I took a very intense training.  The training was designed to expand our consciousness and develop our compassion and awareness on a universal level.

During one portion of the class we watched a slideshow of ¬†a number of pictures that had recently been posted by Time magazine. Many of them were horrific¬†pictures of people affected by war and disease all around the world. ¬†Then, in the final exercise, we were led into a deep meditation. Once we were deep within, we were guided to choose one of those photos and fully imagine ourselves as the person in that picture. ¬†To fully feel what they might have felt. ¬†I decided on an image of a young girl standing alone in the dark night, crying out, with blood splattered all over her little dress. ¬†I allowed myself to completely put myself in her shoes. ¬†When I did that there was instantaneous terror, of course, but I also discovered a feeling inside that I did not expect. ¬†As I imagined near me the man¬†with the gun who caused that bloodshed, an innocent voice cried out from inside, “You were supposed to help me, but instead you hurt me!!” ¬†It was an absolute shattering of trust. Trust in my own humanity. ¬†Trust in the very people who are supposed to be my brothers and sisters, sharing this magnificent planet with me. ¬†It was a deep feeling that we are here to help each other and protect each other, fundamentally. ¬†That’s what we are innately meant to do. ¬†But we don’t. ¬†We betray each other and we betray our own pure conscience all the time. ¬†And that is the most devastating thing of all.

I came out of that meditation in a deep state of despair. Others in my class seemed to bounce back, but I could not shake it. ¬†I remember for the next 3 days I was in a trance. ¬†Walking and driving and going about my life as usual but completely dominated by the question, “What should I do?” ¬†I felt horrible about myself – living a very comfortable and safe life here in America, compared to that little girl and countless others who are being violated by fellow humans in countless places. ¬†I just couldn’t sit well with the pain I felt inside when I thought about the reality of our world.

Then one day, a light bulb finally turned on. ¬†I realized that being born in America was my Soul’s choice and therefore it is my responsibility to create light and do the work that others in less fortunate places cannot do. I committed myself at that moment to put forth double and triple the effort for those in darkness, until we can all live together in a brighter world. ¬†With that conviction, I could come out of my trance and find the courage and spirit to move forward.

As I write this blog, I feel thankful for the opportunity to check myself. Am I really still keeping to my promise? ¬†There are many human beings suffering every moment who I never even think of as I live my daily life. ¬†I’d like to take a moment to honor them, send light to them, and renew my commitment once more.

Ilchi Lee always speaks of this Korean philosophy: Hongik Ingan, Ee Hwa Sae Gae.  When enough Hongik humans gather together on this Earth, then a Harmonious world will emerge.  Only Hongik humans can make that happen.

I will finish my post with one of his messages that I recently came across, that inspired me to write about this today in the first place.  I hope you all enjoy it and feel the spark of Hongik flickering in your pure and beautiful heart.


For the Good of All

The heart that seeks to go beyond its own narrow interests to work for the greater good of other people and life — this is the most precious value of humanity, and the greatest function of the human brain.

Regardless of what sort of lives we have lived so far, or what kind of people we believe ourselves to be, we all want to be remembered as people who contributed something to the world.

Somewhere deeper than our victim consciousness, selfishness and arrogance, somewhere deeper than our instinct to find sensory pleasure, all human beings have a Hongik instinct: we want to do something good for the world.

The Hongik instinct is the fundamental power that caused us to enter the world and the driving force that enables us to keep going, even when weary and troubled. ¬†When this Hongik instinct is not fulfilled, we feel somehow empty, even after we’ve finished a busy days work, and we have regrets about our lives when we end our time in the world.

Somewhere deep in our hearts lives a noble desire to do good for the world. This is the seed of divinity planted deep within us.

Each of us has a dream. And we hope that dream will not stop at the pursuit of our personal profit, but will contribute to our families and neighbors, and, furthermore, to all of society and the human race.

No matter where we work or what kind of jobs we have, no matter whom we work with as we live our lives, deep in our hearts we want to be people who strive to do good for the world. We are originally Hongik Humans.

~ Ilchi Lee

Self-Mastery Class

Hello Everyone! ¬†I have a new idea ¬† ūüôā

In response to my Belly Button Healing class, I heard from some of you that you didn’t feel it was the right fit for you. ¬†As I contemplated more deeply on it, I thought that perhaps you are looking for something a little more self-reflective and maybe¬†in line with much of the other education and content that I usually post on this blog.

So, I came up with a new idea. ¬†Well, to tell you the truth, it’s an old idea that I just haven’t actualized yet and decided that now is the right timing!

I have been wanting to create an online class called Self-Mastery, based on the same concepts and practices that I use in my Self-Mastery Class in the center.  For Self-Mastery we first need self-management and we need self- healing.  I feel that we need to continuously repeat self-management and self-healing over and over again until we begin to experience mastership over ourselves. To heal ourselves is to know ourselves.  To come to know ourselves we must awaken ourselves again and again.  Thus, Self-Mastery class is about awakening ourselves through various principles and practices which I have received from my teacher, Ilchi Lee, as well as many mentors over the years.   It is a course to help you to get closer to yourself and to begin to manage your inner world, to have a healthier relationship with yourself and to ultimately learn how to live in more alignment with your true self.

I have been teaching the Self-Mastery Class at the Ravenna Park Body & Brain Yoga Center for almost two years now and have seen great results in the students. I have taught similar courses in New York and in New Mexico and witnessed the same benefits there. It’s a class that seems to help people really integrate principles into their lives and experience concrete changes.

In a way, it’s kind of like this blog in the format of a class. ¬† When I say that, I mean that I will just share what I have awakened to and digested myself, as best as I can, in various ways to help you to have your own self-awakenings. ¬†The benefit of the class is that we get to add in the practice portion – a lot of tapping exercise and some training with the Healing Life Tool, etc.

Yes, that is where the Healing Life tool comes in.  In my Self-Mastery class at the center all students must now have a tool and bring it to the class each time.  So, I thought this would be a better way of introducing the tool to all of you Рby mixing it into the content of the Self-Mastery class.  That will be the best of all worlds, I believe.

In my center, this is a 2 hour class that costs $500 for 12 sessions.

However, I want to begin online with a pilot project. ¬†Therefore, for this first group who participates, I want to offer 10 Self-Mastery Classes for one hour each, the cost being only the cost of the Healing Life tool: $108.40. ¬†We can call this, “Intro to Self-Mastery Class: The Online Version” ¬†ūüôā

I would still like to begin late in September and meet on Monday nights @ 6pm PST.  I want to ask for those who are interested to go ahead and get the tool because sometimes it is delivered to your home quickly and other times it takes longer.  So please purchase that through the link:  and let me know when you have done so. Then, I will include you to the class roster.

Ok, now I really hope to see many of you there! ¬†You will experience a lot of growth and self-development through this class! ¬†Ah yes, I forgot to add that to the above list: ¬†Self-Healing –> Self-Development –> Self-Management –> Self-Mastery. ¬†Repeat, repeat ūüôā

Please feel free to post here or contact me if you have any questions.  I hope to see you soon!



Belly Button!

Nowadays, Ilchi Lee is proactively sharing the power of belly button healing with many people around the world.

Aside from how beneficial I find it to be to stimulate, massage and breathe with my own belly button, this new focus feels kind of dear to my heart.  There is a simple reason for it:

Belly Button is my childhood nickname ūüôā

I know, I know, it seems really funny, right? ¬†And maybe kind of odd? ¬†But in actuality, my family members have been calling me “Belly Button” for so long and so often that I almost don’t even notice it anymore. ¬†To this day, my sister, cousin and aunt still call me Belly Button, or some variation of the word like “Belly” or “Bell.”

I’m not sure how this all came to be. ¬†I think that when I was small my mother called me “Danielly” sometimes, which was just a¬†cute way to tenderly call a little girl. ¬†And then that developed into “Danielly Belly,” ¬†which then led to “Belly Button”. ¬†Yes, I think this is the science of my nickname! ¬†Here, allow me to introduce you to Belly Button…



So now, whenever my teacher uses the term ‘Belly Button Healing’ I just imagine healing life particles flowing to my inner child, that little “Belly Button.” It has become a spiritual healing for me as well as a physical one ūüėČ

Having said all of that, I am very happy to find more tools for gut health – something that is important for everyone. I may speak more on the topic of how to actually heal your belly button in future posts, but for now I am just adding a recent blog post by Ilchi Lee from Enjoy!


The Belly Button Is the Key to Vibrant Health
The Belly Button Is the Key to Vibrant Health

Is nothing sacred?

Recently I re-watched the movie  Avatar.  

What struck me most this time was the stark contrast between the mind of the beautiful blue native Na’vi characters of the movie, and that of the humans. ¬†The Na’vi connected and communicated with animals and trees, lived in great respect of the land and of each other, recognizing the life-light in each other as they greeted with “I see you.” ¬†The intruding earthlings, on the other hand, were endlessly wrought with their own selfish desires for science, research, survival, revenge, money and power – and they were willing to fight with and even kill each other to get such things.

As the movie went on I found myself wincing every time this was revealed on deeper and more corrupt and disgusting levels. ¬†The single word that stood out was: Sacredness. ¬†I began to ask myself, “Why has humanity lost it’s sense of the sacred?” ¬†Only days before watching this movie¬†I watched the documentary The 11th Hour and that, unfortunately, was not a hollywood movie. ¬†It was a real-life depiction of what we have done and continue to do to our world.

I want to recover the sacred. ¬†It has to begin within our hearts. ¬†It’s time to feel our Oneness again and treat each other accordingly. ¬†The hope is in the hands of the people who feel this. ¬†Perhaps it begins with gratitude. ¬†A little more gratitude than yesterday. ¬†A little more love – towards myself and others.

I want to live in a world that honors what is sacred. ¬† What can be more sacred than pure life? ¬†Nature is beautiful. The Earth is magnificent. ¬†But what touches me even more sometimes is human beings love for that beauty. ¬†The fact that human beings love nature and think the Earth is beautiful – I believe that’s where we can see the recognition of the sacredness in all people – across all races and religions.

Ilchi Lee often talks about recovering “spirit”. There is an aliveness sleeping inside us. ¬†We have allowed it to sleep for too long. ¬†I feel a longing in my heart to wake it up. ¬†I believe that Brain Education is the practice that can wake up the sense of the sacredness inside of people. ¬†Brain Education is about being 100% alive. ¬†It’s about turning your emotion into sensibility — being able to feel yourself and others and therefore recover the natural healing power that flows between us. ¬†That is the same power that gives us joy and fills our heart with love and our eyes with sparkles.

I hope that this post can be food for reflection for anyone who comes across it ūüôā


My Love

earth hands

When you look at the above picture, what do you feel?  When you gaze at this beautiful blue jewel, can you feel her in your heart?

What I feel is: Love. ¬†It’s amazing how much love I feel.

Our souls are connected to the soul of Mother Earth. ¬†So, perhaps it is my own soul’s love that I am also feeling that fills me. ¬†I also feel inspired to be my greatest self, to love more, and to help her. ¬†Ilchi Lee often says, “We came to the Earth because the 21st-century Earth desperately needed us.”

I got such a big compliment on Friday. ¬†My uncle called me in the morning – we do not speak all that frequently. ¬†Perhaps he calls me once or twice a year. ¬†He said, “I saw on Facebook that today is Earth Day. ¬†And, well, that just makes me think of you. ¬†So I wanted to call you to say ‘Happy Earth Day.'”

To know that when my uncle thinks of the Earth, he thinks of me, and when he thinks of me, he thinks of the Earth, made me feel that I am doing my job well ūüôā

In order to share in this great love with our Mother Earth, I feel it is critical for us to love ourselves more and more truly. ¬†If I cannot allow love for my own self into my heart, if I am always insulting and accusing myself, then there is no way that I can really commune with the majesty of Life that breathes¬†within every fiber of this planet. ¬†So, in celebration of Earth Day, let’s celebrate ourselves. Let’s love ourselves just a little bit more. ¬†Let’s look into our own eyes in the mirror and say, “I love you so much.” ¬†Why not? ¬†The Earth, our Mother, our Home, needs us to have such courage.

On that note, I will conclude this post with a passage from the Living Tao book that I find to be incredibly beautiful and healing.  I hope you do too.  Thank you to all of you who are reading this and sharing this Earth with me at this time.  My fellow earth citizens, I love you.


“No matter how hard you try, you can never fill your empty heart solely with the energy received through external recognition or success, for these are but temporary comforts. They are not eternal. You can discover within yourself a wellspring of eternal energy. That energy will start to spring forth when you acknowledge and love yourself. The joy you feel from acknowledging yourself is so great that it cannot be compared with the joy you feel from getting recognition from others. This is a matter of being recognized by your conscience and the heaven within you.

You don’t acknowledge and love yourself just by thinking about it. You must encounter the life energy within you. Slowly place your hands on your chest, one over the other. Now say this to yourself: ‘ Yes, I have myself. I have myself, who always watches over me, the one who is always on my side no matter what may come. It’s my soul and my true self. It is my eternally unchanging life.’ ¬†If you speak to yourself with sincerity, you’ll be able to feel the energy of the soul inside of you, the energy of life, reviving.

Those who know the true self within them are never lonely, no matter what may come. Their hearts are filled to overflowing with energy from the feeling of oneness with themselves, as if they possess the whole world. The tree of life, your soul, will grow strong, bloom with beautiful flowers, and bear good fruit to the extent it gets your interest, love, and recognition.”

~ Ilchi Lee

New York!

I recently had a trip to New York.

It was a special occasion because I had the opportunity to see my teacher, Ilchi Lee, in the beautiful setting of the Catskill Mountains at Honor’s Haven Resort in Ellensville, NY.

I hadn’t seen him for¬†about 2 years, and I was very much longing to see him during his visit to the U.S. this time. ¬†He comes a couple times a year and the last few times he was here I didn’t have the chance to attend any of his lectures or training sessions. ¬†I prayed for the opportunity to arise and at the very last moment it came unexpectedly ~ it was truly a gift and a blessing for me!

During the meeting I felt connected with the great Light of Life, had a wonderful time exploring the forest and taking in the holy¬†energy of the land, and felt a deep deep stirring in my heart. ¬†My heart was literally trembling for two days…what was that feeling?

It was a longing from deep within my Soul that is always there, I just cannot always feel it. A longing for a Truth beyond the “reality” that this material civilization presents to us. ¬†A Truth that I have met with in my heart and always yearn for it to infiltrate every corner of my life and ultimately the world we live in.

It was a hope for the bright potential of all of humanity and for a future where our consciousness is centered on the health, happiness and peace of the Earth and all of her living creatures.

It was a desperate wish that I myself can be my best self and contribute to the creation of this beautiful Earth that I dream of.

Yes, seeing my Seu-Seung Nim brought much healing, purification and rejuvenation to my Spirit!


From Honor’s Haven I got a ride to Manhattan where I went to visit Kate, my birth mother.

I have a love/hate relationship with Manhattan. ¬†This is the city where I was born and given away. ¬†It is also a city where I have loved and lost love. ¬†Pulsing with the vibrant energy of human beings, the colors of cultures, the cab rides, the Ubers, the streets filled with shouts and honks and so many languages, so many dreams, so many stories….This epitome of material civilization¬†is like my second home. ¬†Sometimes I feel as if I have lived a parallel life here in an alternate universe, if that makes any sense at all. ¬†It’s romantic and exciting, complicated and eery – this feeling that I have whenever I am in Manhattan.

Also, seeing Kate is always an adventure in and of itself.  First of all, her personality is so different than mine so it is a whirlwind of conversation and drama ~ sometimes very entertaining, sometimes very heart- warming, and other times quite painful.

On this particular trip I was reminded that our first relationship with each other in this lifetime was a difficult one, filled with hurt and confusion, guilt and denial.  And unfortunately it just makes sense that this continues to play itself out in our current relationship in strange and sometimes subtle (sometimes not-so-subtle) ways.  This is just a fact that needs to be dealt with.  The more I face this fact and accept it, the less I suffer.

Again, I was thankful for all of the inner work that I have done that has helped me to identify what’s happening and process the storm of emotions that sometimes take flight inside of me when I am in her presence. ¬†I thought about my sister, who does not know her birth mother, and how much I wanted to tell her “You know, knowing your birth mother is not all that easy.” ¬†In fact, I think to cultivate that relationship we have to be quite strong, so for some it may not be the work their Souls what to do in this lifetime.

Anyway, nevertheless I was happy to have the time to spend with Kate and the happiest moment for me was that I was able to arrange a time for her to meet one of my beloved students, Jesse, who is a die-hard Captain Janeway fan.  It was SO JOYFUL for me to give him the opportunity to finally meet with this person who he watches on the television screen, sometimes episode after episode.  I am infinitely thankful to Kate for opening herself to him and giving him a boost of energy & encouragement.  I felt that we all have our special roles to play in the making of a better world Рone beautiful person at a time.

So at the end of this dynamic trip I was reminded again that everything is choice.  And I choose Love.

I love you Danielle.  I love you Kate.  I love you Manhattan.  I love you Jesse. I love you my Seu-Seung Nim.   I love you Life.

And, I love you my life; my journey, my story, my struggles, my memories my perseverance, my heartache, my possibility, my path, my truth, my hope, my dream, my road ahead.  I love all of you.

pic of jessekateme