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I really want for all people to live healthier, happier and more peaceful lives.  I truly believe that there is a great possibility for such a thing, and that possibility lies within each of us.  In my 19 years of teaching, I have seen hundreds of students receive endless benefits from Body & Brain Yoga, and most importantly I myself have discovered a new meaning of being alive from this practice.  So I decided to share some videos with you that I made a  couple of years ago. These videos were made before we branded ourselves to Body & Brain Yoga so you can still see the description as “Dahn Yoga”.  However, it is all the same practice, now just with name that more clearly explains what we do!

These videos were created to help people learn the basics of the exercise, as well as to have someone to practice with.  Feel free to check them out if you like, and enjoy! I hope they bring a bit more health, happiness and peace into your life also 🙂


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  1. Hallo, Hello!

    Schade dass ich in Deutschland lebe. Dahn Yoga wird in meiner Umgebung leider nicht angeboten, praktiziert. Klar wird in meiner Stadt auch Yoga angeboten allerdings sind diese “Asanas” für mich als Anfängerin eher frustrierend. Ihre, diese Dahn Yoga Videos sind spitze. Sie bringen die Übungen super rüber. Sie, Danielle in ihrer Begeisterung, Leidenschaft und Hingabe ermutigen mich immer wieder.
    Sie sind eine faszinierende Persönlichkeit.

    Welche Übungen wären für mich, als Anfängerin in welcher Reihenfolge von Vorteil?

    Ich bin begeisterte Mitleserin vom Ihrem “Scrapbook of my Heart!” So gut es mit meinem Schulenglisch möglich ist, der google Übersetzer hilft mir ein weeeeenig dabei….
    wie gerne würde ich hier meine Gedanken hier mit austauschen, mitteilen doch leider gehörte ich in der Schulzeit zu den “Naturwissenschaftlern” und nicht zu den Sprachwissenschaftlern….hey das ärgert mich.. 😉
    Also google translate gib dein bestes… 🙂

    „Gerne würde ich mal Dahn Yoga in Amerika kennenlernen“….Wünsche….

    And now Google translate! …..give the best…. :/ I hope you understand it 🙂

    Hello, Hello!

    Too bad that I live in Germany. Dahn Yoga is not offered in my area, practiced. Clear is available in my city also Yoga, however these “asanas” are frustrating for me as a beginner. Your these Dahn Yoga videos are great. They bring the exercises over super. You, Danielle in her enthusiasm, passion and dedication to encourage me again and again.
    They are a fascinating personality.

    What exercises would be for me, a beginner in what order of advantage?

    I am enthusiastic reeding from your “scrapbook of my Heart!” As well as it is possible with my English school, the Google translator helps a little bit ….
    how I would like to exchange my thoughts here with you and others, but unfortunately I was one report in the school to the “scientists” and not to the linguists …. hey that annoys me ..;)

    “I would love to Dahn Yoga times in America to know” …. desires ….
    I hope you understand the Google Translate.

    Greetings Silke

    • Hello Silke!

      It’s so nice to hear from you and I’m really glad that you are enjoying the videos!! Yes the exercises are very effective and I’m so glad that you find them helpful.

      I love knowing that my blog is crossing the ocean so thank you so much for commenting here!! We do actually have one Dahn Yoga Center (now called Body & Brain Yoga) is Dusseldorf. I don’t know what city in Germany that you live in but if you are ever around there you should check it out!!

  2. Hi Danielle.
    A quick technical question: when doing BWV simultaneously with Dahn Jon tapping, does one also continue to say the phrases( continued from body tapping ) After doing BWV slowly with Dahn Jon tapping, I find it gives me a sense of well-being. But I am not sure whether to keep saying the phrases along with the BWV or not ?
    Thank you.

    Charlene(from your blog:)

    • Hello Charlene! Thank you for your question 🙂 The phrases that we explored in our Solar Body class are optional. You can use Dahn Jon tapping with BWV either way – combined with the phrases or just quietly, as you have mentioned. Find what works for you. The number one goal of BWV is to quiet the mind and bring the energy down to the Dahn Jon. So, starting off quietly and just fully feeling the benefits of the exercise might be the best place to start 🙂

    • Thank you so much Tracy! I appreciate that. I’m really glad that you have enjoyed the site and the videos. I hope that the exercises will be helpful to you as well!

  3. Hi Danielle,
    I have spent my evening watching and enjoying the videos you have posted here. I have a few questions: Is there a particular order in which the exercises should be done to achieve optimal relaxation and peace? In some of the exercises, you encourage for them to be done in the morning such as the Bowing exercise and the Dahn Jon Tapping exercise. Should I just complete the exercises in the order that you have them on here? Also, is doing all of the exercises shown here back to back in one shot recommend or should they be spread out throughout the day? If so, in what order? Finally, I know music can help this yoga/meditation process, but is their an album in particular or an artist that you would recommend?

    • Hi Jessica, thanks for the good question. In terms of order, I will give you my general recommendation for optimal results:
      Morning: (in this order) Chest Opening –> Dahn Jon Tapping –> Intestine Exercises
      Evening: (in this order) Bowing –> Brain Wave Vibration –> Jigam Meditation –> Toe tapping
      Anytime/ When you need a reboot in the middle of the day: (any order, any variation) vibration, whole body tapping, jung choong breathing, yeon dahn, breathing exercise.
      I hope that’s helpful!
      As for music, hmmm…finding what you like is good. Soft nature sound music is good. I also often recommend Tranquility and Rhythm by Real Music Sampler (those are quite old, but still good)

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